BIG D’s in Venice!

BALANCE. In life and in love I believe that everything hinges and revolves around this concept because if you lose your balance then everything goes awry. There are various aspects of our lives that we should learn to even out despite our busy schedules or else we would be too consumed up with just one aspect of our life and in grave cases it might lead to over fatigue and burn out.

That is why as much as possible on weekends, whenever I have my days off.  I try to venture out to pursue my passion which is discovering new food joints and embarking on various adventures and writing it down on my blog. With that said, last week I was invited over by Cate to cover the soft opening of Big D’s in Venice Piazza Mckinley. Read on to check how everything went on that day.

Me with Cate (Center) and Grace. 

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Pursuing your Passion

How can I be happy? This is one of the most commonly asked questions among millennials nowadays. To be honest, the answer is simple. You just have to be honest with yourself. Do whatever makes you happy and pursue your passions. Don’t do it just because of the monetary compensation it offers since it would not give you fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day if that’s your only driving force.

You should assess your passions early on and work towards making a living by pursuing your passion and only then will the rest follow. A lot of events had once again transpired for me this past few weeks from juggling meetings here and there to finally defending my thesis for my Graduate School. YAS 🙂 Another milestone unlocked! 🙂

Celebratory dinner after I successfully defended my thesis. #MBAAchieved! 🙂 Thank you Lord!

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Spreading the LOVE this V-day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holidays for couples all over the world. While it is indeed a beautiful day to celebrate your love for your other half, it is also a day dreaded by Filipino commuters as V-Day is expected to generate heavy traffic throughout the metro.

To be honest, for me I prefer the venue to be somewhere near my place of work due to the heavy traffic especially in this season it will only make me and my partner irate since we would be hungry since I’ll be coming from work and waste precious time on the road rather than just enjoying our sumptuous dinner together as a couple and relaxing as we exchange stories on how our day went by.

Afternoon lunches with you are the best. 

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L’oreal Infallible Makeup Launch

Sorry for the lack of blog posts these past few weeks I guess I have just been too consumed with my other activities going on in my life at the moment so I momentarily put off my writing on hold but I promise to really dedicate more time this year to my blog and in making my content better for my readers. 🙂

So before I ramble on again about other things let me first recount one of the most noteworthy events which transpired last month in the posh halls of Valkyrie.

Me and my friend Laarni enjoying some girl talk after the Loreal event. My makeup stayed put the whole night and I didn’t even need to retouch for 8 hours. Great coverage I must say! 🙂 

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Impress Bae on V- Day! :)

Valentines Day, a hallmark holiday celebrated every 14th of February is happening tomorrow once again. Flower bouquet sales are booming and chocolate stalls are almost running on empty in the malls last time I checked. Guess everyone is really putting in the effort to show their loved ones how much they mean to us that’s why we go to great lengths making reservations in fancy restaurants to ensure that our SO’s have the time of their lives come tomorrow night.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be as much of a headache as it is a source of kilig for many of us. A lot of people often stress over finding the perfect gift or the perfect venue to celebrate the most-loved holiday of couples and half-couples around the world. But contrary to your paranoid thoughts at 2AM, impressing bae is pretty simple. In fact, here are foolproof ways to make that special someone smile on V-Day..

Bouquets like this never go stale every Valentine’s Day. Guess one of the ways to the heart of the girl you are wooing is to surprise her with a lovely bouquet like this 🙂 

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Mandara Spa Paranaque: A Relaxing Respite

The past few weeks had been a blur of activities but nonetheless fun 🙂 Aside from getting my feet wet again in the Corporate setting a lot of events in my personal life had also transpired.

With January done the love month now ushers in a lot of events and exciting adventures for all the couples and single ladies too like the hot air balloon festival in Clark Pampanga wherein rumors say is going to be the last show since developers plan to develop the area to a more profitable business. This one I should not pass up. Aside from that I have also booked myself to another beach vacation come the second quarter of this year. Can’t wait to go snorkeling again and see the aquatic wonders under the seas 🙂

But before I get ahead of myself once again due to my giddiness and excitement. Let me first recount one of the most relaxing spa sessions I had just last week along the confines of Paranaque. Despite me braving the arduous traffic I must say it was all worth it upon arriving to the place. Read on to find out more…

Me driving all the way to the South for this relaxing experience. Looking forward to being pampered and forgetting my worries away.

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