L’oreal Infallible Makeup Launch

Sorry for the lack of blog posts these past few weeks I guess I have just been too consumed with my other activities going on in my life at the moment so I momentarily put off my writing on hold but I promise to really dedicate more time this year to my blog and in making my content better for my readers. 🙂

So before I ramble on again about other things let me first recount one of the most noteworthy events which transpired last month in the posh halls of Valkyrie.

Me and my friend Laarni enjoying some girl talk after the Loreal event. My makeup stayed put the whole night and I didn’t even need to retouch for 8 hours. Great coverage I must say! 🙂 

A couple of weeks back, I was fortunate enough to receive an e-invite from Lazada regarding the launch of their new product line “The Infallible Makeup Line” from L’oreal Paris. 
To be honest,  upon checking my email and reading the invite I was beyond ecstatic since I have always longed to find a good product to cover my blemishes and pimple scars brought about by past acne scars. I also loved the fact that they described it as “Long Lasting” even after the day is done and you’re about to go home, you wouldn’t have to retouch anymore. I couldn’t pass up this chance so I automatically penned it on my calendar that day.
Upon getting to the venue last January 18, 2017 I was surprised to find that there wasn’t a set program in store but just some booths offering various challenges and enticing activities. We were given an event map upon entering the venue to serve as our guide while navigating the various booths.
Station 1: The Makeover booth

Station 1 was the Makeup booth wherein their in house make up artists used their top of the line products on us to accentuate our features and glam us up that night. Good thing I had an event with some of my friends soon after the launch. I was able to maximize my “dolled up” look that night.

Me after the make up session 🙂 Thank you to my wonderful makeup artist for this look. 
The pressed powder which was used on me. If you’re more on the fair skin tone side just like me this shade would best look good on you and compliment your skin tone as well. 

Station 2: Sweat it Out Station

We were encouraged by the organizers to don on sweat pants or our favorite sports wear that night not knowing that we would sweat it out right after being all dolled up to test the longevity of the makeup on our faces. We did some good 30 minutes of pound workout which was definitely sweat inducing. Good thing I had a spare shirt inside my bag.


The workout was intense and grueling but my foundation was still on point! Sweat didn’t take over my entire face and I didn’t really need to touch up right after the workout to counteract the oil building up in my T-Zone since my foundation was doing such a good job making me look fresh even after the intense cardio.

Station 3: Food Station

We were tasked to help ourselves to the various appetizers and canapes served to the left of the stage to test the longevity of our lipstick. I tried on two shades the plum and the bright red to highlight my features more. Check out some of their lipstick shades here.

Station 4: Photo booth Station

This was my favorite station since we were tasked to dish out various poses in front of the camera making us unleash our creative juices as we played around with the various props splayed out for us to use and play with.

Me playing with their props in my favorite station. 

To be honest, ever since that day wherein I got to try out their products I never strayed away from L’oreal products again since it offers me the long lasting coverage that I was looking for and it also effectively covers my pimple marks making my skin look flawlessly fresh. Also I didn’t need to check twice with regards to my lipstick stain if its already smudging after I eat since it stays in place and the color doesn’t wane off even after eating lunch. Such a steal right? 🙂 Check out their other top of the line products here and tell me how it works for you! 🙂 Happy Valentines everyone! 🙂 Hope everyone is having an awesome day 🙂

Me heading off to work using the L’oreal Infallible products. 


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