Pursuing your Passion

How can I be happy? This is one of the most commonly asked questions among millennials nowadays. To be honest, the answer is simple. You just have to be honest with yourself. Do whatever makes you happy and pursue your passions. Don’t do it just because of the monetary compensation it offers since it would not give you fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day if that’s your only driving force.

You should assess your passions early on and work towards making a living by pursuing your passion and only then will the rest follow. A lot of events had once again transpired for me this past few weeks from juggling meetings here and there to finally defending my thesis for my Graduate School. YAS 🙂 Another milestone unlocked! 🙂

Celebratory dinner after I successfully defended my thesis. #MBAAchieved! 🙂 Thank you Lord!

I took a leave from work to focus on my presentation and even though there were still a few rectifications in my paper at least the worst is over and I’m done with the defense. 🙂 Finally! 🙂 After 3 years, my MBA journey has come to an end. Now, I would have to move forward once again to my other priorities and in pursuing my other goals like maybe publishing a book or finally getting my business up and running aside from focusing also on my full time Corporate Job  🙂 Watch out for my next updates! 🙂 I am actually excited to get things moving once again, things are slowly falling into place. 🙂 I guess, timing also plays a big factor in how things pan out.

Me and the obligatory photo op with my panelists after my defense. 

After the defense, KD was already waiting for me in PPM to have dinner to celebrate this feat. We met up also with my good friend Fey and I treated them both to coffee to cap off the night. Upon getting home, to my surprise my Grandmom even made me a “Congratulatory banner” I wasn’t really expecting anything since I knew that it was already time for her bedtime and it was quite late already when we headed home. I guess, the lesson in this is that at the end of the day no matter what happens in your life the people who matter the most would always be your family.

My diamonds in this world full of coals. 

In line with pursuing your passions, Rene Salud one of the well renowned fashion designers here in the country would give everyone a peak into the Mindanao culture. He would present his neo-ethnic collection which will enhance one’s appreciation of the totality of the Philippines’ cultural heritage. This will be held at the posh grounds of the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig City at March 27, 2017.

By showcasing the best of Mindanao, everyone will be let in to a Mindanao that is rich in culture, beauty and tradition, and not a Mindanao that is ridden in strife and conflict as portrayed so unfairly in the media.

Some of his finest works to be featured in this fashion show. 

The grand fashion show, which will also feature cultural dances and video vignettes, will communicate to the audience that the region is worthy of a visit because it is beautiful and peaceful. It will be a celebration of all things enchanting in Mindanao.

Mindanao Tapestry is presented by Mode Devi, In -Cooperation with Department of Tourism, Marco Polo Ortigas and Globe, In partnership with BusinessMirror Group of Publications, Philippine Graphics, Health and Fitness, Pilipino Mirror, Cook, Philippines, Locale, Experience Travel and Living Magazine, Manila Bulletin, Crossover Channel Hue, PINAS, DZAR Sonshine Radio,Crossover 105.1,Business Week Mindanao, Wacoal, Yoshinoya, Phoenix Oil, Wacoal, Yoshinoya, Cherry Mobile, Gallo Family, Canyon Road and Cliff De Torres.

At the end of the day, it all boils down do your passions and putting everything you’ve got into your craft. I guess, that’s the entirety of our existence here on earth. We have to find where we are good at and how we could improve better as individuals by cultivating our God given talents.




  1. Those are the Buttermilk Chicken Fingers from Fireside by Kettle, yes? 🙂

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Yes! It’s so good! 🙂 Finished everything up in just a few minutes 🙂

      1. Have you tried the original version at Kettle? Equally exceptional, I must say.

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