Mini Stop Empanadas: Freshness Guaranteed

DREAMS DO COME TRUE. I firmly believe in this age old adage that when we don’t give up on our dreams and continually persist despite the hurdles along the way the universe eventually conspires to make everything come true for you. So is the case for 5 aspiring young entrepreneurs who decided to pursue their passion for business and eventually garnering success along the way. 

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The young entrepreneurs behind Kuki’s Empanada. 

(L-R)  Mark Dennis Uyaco,Dimitri Mikael “Midi” Gentica ,Haruka Urabe, Roy Mancenido, Adrien Porciuncula,

“It all stemmed out from a quick banter during a drinking session after their classes from Graduate School” said Dennis one of the owners when we inquired as to how this business of food production eventually materialized. They all wanted to translate what they have learned from the confines of the classroom in real life so after getting everyone’s buy in on this idea they decided to expand the family business of Roy and start a food production business.

Since Roy’s family already had the recipe for the empanadas they decided to capitalize on this and use this a springboard in establishing their start up.

The owners of Kuki’s Empanada in their commissary in Pasig. 

They first started out with crafting out their business plan and discussing how to go about the process. Of course everything didn’t come easy for them especially during the start. Some of the challenges they encountered were the risk of wastage and food spoilage.

Also upon registering their business name to SEC they discovered that there was already a business named “Five Eagles Nest” which entailed that they couldn’t use this as their business name anymore. So upon further discussion with their team they all consented that the name of their business should be “Six Eagles Nest Food Inc” which meant that their 6th and most important member was God. Everything eventually followed suit and with a little help from their contacts they were able to gain the favor of Ministop to be their sole distributor in all their branches!:)

The owners along with their hardworking and dedicated staff

With this, The company hopes to maintain its momentum by introducing new products aside from their staple classic Chicken Empanada and opening up a bigger commissary  as well. Guess there’s no where to go but up right? 🙂

We were fortunate to be given a taste of their premier freshly baked Chicken Empanadas and we were even toured around their production facility which adheres to the highest standards of food preparation and sanitation guidelines.

The chicken meat being cooked to ensure that the flavor really seeps in. 
Everything were all assembled from scratch 🙂 Pretty awesome isn’t it? 🙂
Molded empanadas laid out right before the pre-heating 
Welcome their final product! 🙂 Half baked and Half fried Chicken Empanada which means less oil! 🙂 Perfect for those diet conscious people out there. 

It was really a treat for your palate since aside from their empanadas having no preservatives. It is also half fried and half baked which means it has less oil than your normal fried goods. Perfect for those who want a quick satiating meal within the confines of your budget since it only costs 20 bucks in all the Ministop branches nationwide. Truly a bang for the buck right? 🙂 Can’t wait for their other products to launch! 🙂

Happiness in a Box! 🙂




  1. Marie Angela says:

    Good morning. may I know the address of six eagle’s nest food inc.? Thank you in advance.

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Hi Marie Angela, sure here it is address is #3 Kamagong Street, brgy. Maybunga pasig city.

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