Diana Stalder Clinic: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

It’s almost the tail end of the month again, I can’ t believe that time really flies so fast! I know that I might sound like a broken record since I always repeat this but its true. It made me more appreciative of the days and the weekends since I get to rest, unwind and do what I love to do which is attending events and blogging.

For some people it might be an added stress for them to construe sentences and write articles during their downtime but for me its kind of therapeutic in a way since I get to dole out my no-filter thoughts and take on the things around me.

So before I go on about my recent adventure to one of the pioneer skin centers that lives for its promise  in making every individual feel more confident with their body as well as enhance their beauty let me first recount how this week had been for me.

Having my hair treated with my good friend Fey last week while she was finishing off her slides for school 

A lot of events transpired the past few weeks but some of the most noteworthy happened during my days off away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. So just last week me and my friend Fey decided to unwind and relax while she was finishing off some slides for her presentation in school. It’s such a tough job to do balancing your studies with your work but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what she has to do for a brighter future. So I’m supporting her all the way with this one 🙂

Me and Fey taking a selfie after she had her hair done. 🙂 

We also celebrated the birthday of Anna,one of my good friends and former office mate from St. Lukes GC. We definitely had a swell time belting out tunes from our favorite classics until the break of dawn. Thank you for the treat Anna! 🙂 It was really nice catching up with good friends over great tunes and good food.

Me and Anna with Gilbert and KD singing our hearts out to our favorite all time hits. 

It was really nice catching up with my girl friends and enjoying the perks of earning our own keep. We get to treat ourselves once in a while come every payday to new clothes, shoes and of course pampering treatments for our holistic well being and so that we would be more inspired to work again come the next Monday morning. So when Sir Eli messaged me on Facebook that he recommended me to be included in the list of Beauty Bloggers to be invited in an afternoon lunch in a well-known Skin Clinic I immediately penned it in my calendar. 🙂 I mean who doesn’t love pampering treatments right?

Upon entering the clinic this is what you’ll see displayed on their green colored walls. 

So come last Saturday afternoon after I did my errands at home I took an uber to Megamall and checked out the Diana Stalder Skin Clinic located at the 5th floor of the mall. To be honest, my first exposure to the brand was when I saw my Mom carrying a small pouch containing a couple of beauty products which she uses on a regular. Since I was still a kid back then I didn’t really give that much notice to the brand until now.

What first struck me from the get go was how modern and elegant their clinic came off upon entering it. A table laid out with sumptuous organic treats was also served to us that sunny afternoon. When I asked how this cafe came about alongside their skincare business Ms. Diana answered  that “I am a firm believer that if we have a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, our skin will be the first testament to tell how we treat ourselves.”

The buffet spread laid out for us that afternoon
Check out their sumptuous organic dishes

With that having said, DS Café is the answer for our longing to have a healthy food while pampering at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a relaxing facial or any skin care and body service and have a sumptuous meal afterwards? Something to definitely keep you busy while waiting it out for your respective treatments.


But of course, its main thrust is still their quality skincare remedies and products. Among its impressive line-up of quality skincare remedies, Diana Stalder Eyebag Treatment is a must-try to get rid of those unwanted dark circles underneath the so-called “windows of the soul.” An adage that says “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a misnomer if there appears an elevated or protruding bulges of fat below the organs of the visual system.

I have yet to try this treatment since those endless nights of me sleeping in quite late past my bedtime took a toll on my skin and made my eyebags appear more prominent. I have tried using cucumber slices before and a couple of eye creams but to no avail so I guess I have yet to try this treatment and check if it really makes a difference. 🙂 Will write about my experience soon after I tried this treatment. Meanwhile, here are some more photos during the recent sit down lunch held at their clinic with a couple of media people representing major publications around the metro and some prominent bloggers donning on their weekend OOTD’s.

Me and my blogger friends striking a pose at the counter during the tail end of the launch. 
Me and Jaja 🙂 Loving her pastel colored ensemble here. 

With that said, I guess us working girls could also use a break once in a while especially on weekends. Make it a regular occasion to bond with your sisters or your girls while  you’re having your own pampering skincare sessionAfter all, you deserve to see and realize “the promise of a better you.”


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