Party all Night at Manila X 2017 this May 27, 2017

Along with the heat of the summer sunshine, parties and music festivals are also in line this upcoming months. Just a couple of weeks back, I was fortunate to be invited to witness the kick-off party of this season in collaboration with PREVIEW magazine. The launch was held at the newest party place in the Metro the Ibiza Club in BGC.

Some snaps of the place I took before the party started 🙂 

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A Soothing Respite at Antara Spa Makati

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog since way back 2014 you would know that I am always on the lookout for new massage places and spas since after a long and tedious week after work we also deserve to pamper ourselves by relaxing and unwinding. 

Some people do this by watching movies with their SO’s or friends while others like me prefer to lie down and have my whole body kneaded and have the knots in my muscles loosened up by deep probing long strokes of my masseuse. So imagine the flicker of light again in my eyes when I received another invite from Aldous, this time around it wasn’t to try out a new food joint but to try out the services of this newly opened spa along the confines of Pasong Tamo.

Of course, I confirmed my attendance immediately and turned on to Waze to check out where this place was exactly located. Since I wasn’t really familiar with the South area I decided to book an Uber instead, that way it would be faster for me to get there since I assumed that the Uber driver should know better than me with regards to the location of the place and it would lessen my tension since I wouldn’t be the one behind the wheel amidst the traffic in the streets.

Upon entering the small and quaint place this is what will welcome you. Such a relaxing sight to see right? 🙂 

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My Great Finds from Lazada’s 5th Birthday Sale

I guess time really flies when you’re engrossed in a lot of things. Work has been great though a lot of deadlines are to be met this upcoming week since its going to be a long weekend on Thursday since we are already ushering in the Holy Week.

Families and droves of friends would usually take this opportunity to have a vacation in the nearby beaches of their provinces due to the sweltering heat of the sun these days. I guess its OFFICIALLY SUMMER in the Metro. 🙂 Time to don on your bikinis and show off those beach bodies.

For me, meanwhile its a time to catch up on my backlogs for my blog and check out the newest sales from my favorite online websites. One of which is Lazada which offers us such a multitude of great and useful products which usually come at very affordable prices. 🙂 Some of my greatest finds during their recently concluded sale would be enumerated in this post so check it out and tell me also your top picks from their recently concluded birthday sale.

Me donning on my favorite makeup foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil from Maybelline during one of our girls nights out 🙂 

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The past few weeks had been filled with various activities. From supervising our Corporate AVP Shoot to ensuring that our Digital Initiatives are reaching our desired target market to documenting our In- Store Promos together with our partner Radio Station and their talented DJ’s. It’s going to get even more hectic in the weeks to come as the rest of our projects are about to commence. It has been a busy journey so far but definitely fun-filled and quite fulfilling as well. 🙂

With that said, as women we usually forget to cater to our own needs and forget to pamper ourselves once in a while for all the hard work that we did during the work week. Good thing that one of my go- to Beauty Centers are celebrating their Thanksgiving season this month and they are doling our free treatments and discounts to your favorite packages and services. Hello Me Time! 🙂

Time for me and my Mom to pamper ourselves before the Holy Week commences


Why You Should Travel with Your SO

Its the summer season once again and I can already feel the heat of the summer sunshine. Flights and travels are already in place as the months of April and May roll in. With that being said, I think that one of the ways to test your true compatibility with your lover is to travel together whether its booking a flight or just embarking on a 12 hour long drive to the provinces.

Traveling has been proven healthy for romantic relationships, whether new or long term. Couples mainly travel to spend time together and share experiences, but true travel junkies know that it brings a wealth of other benefits. Here are a four good reasons why you should travel with your significant other:

This was our first road trip together when we witnessed the Hot Air Balloon Festival

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My First LazerTag Experience

I can’t believe its been weeks since my last blog post. So sorry again for the lack of updates. Guess sometimes I write well under pressure? Since my backlogs are already piling up I decided to do it now or else I might forget documenting it again. So let me recount first one of the most memorable events which transpired 2 weeks ago in the confines of the LazerExtreme halls in Market Market in BGC.

Me getting ready to play. 

Last Saturday, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to attend the You’ve Been Tagged LazerXtreme Event held at Market Market Mall in Bonifacio Global City. For those not familiar with the game or for those first timers like me, LazerXtreme is one of the leaders in sci-fi entertainment in the Philippines that offers Laser Tag in the country. Laser Tag is a popular sport abroad. During a family trip, the owner and Vice President of LazerXtreme, Mr. Martial Beck, was able to experience the thrill of the game and decided to bring the concept here in the Philippines. Along with other business minded individual including Mr. Jojo  Claudio, Mr. Jun Tiu, and Mr. Jean Pierre Delatre, they put up LazerXtreme.

To be honest, this was my first time trying the game since the people I invited to try this out wasn’t really into this sport and since its better doing this game with a team I decided to post pone trying it out unless I was already with a group. So I guess the invite came in handy and when I heard of this cool event I decided to immediately book an uber to bring me to this place.

The inside of the place. Cool right? 

I came in quite late due to the horrendous traffic so upon getting there they were already done with the 1st game and were all sweaty when they came out. I was still quite curious on how the game works so I volunteered immediately to participate in the next game.

We were grouped into 3 teams: The Red, The Yellow and The Blue with 5 people each. You were supposed to wear the gear corresponding to your group color and should always be holding the gun properly or else it wouldn’t shoot your opponent on point.

When the game commenced everything was already a blur to me cause people were all running in various directions trying to save their lives and not get hit or hit others before they get hit. My reflexes were all in full throttle as I tried to save my lives a couple of times since our team was quite competitive.

After the grueling, sweat inducing and heart pounding game we finally emerged victorious. Thanks to my very talented team mates. 🙂 Yey! 🙂 I have yet to book another game here with my family since I want them to try this as well 🙂 Definitely felt like a kid once again 🙂

The interiors of the place
Group Photo comprised of the Travelbook Staff and the invited bloggers 🙂 

LazerXtreme is recommended for people who are always in search of adventure and is up for any challenge. It has a safe and secure environment so parents need not worry about their kids. With LazerXtreme, gamers can expect only the best as they use state of the art laser tag equipment with world class arena. You can visit LazerXtreme website andFacebook page to know about their rates and promotions.

The LazerXtreme You’ve Been Tagged event was made possible with the help of TravelBook. It is a joint venture of Summit Media and Recruit Global Incubation Partners, Inc. TravelBookPh started in 2010 as the largest online catalog for Philippine hotels and resorts with 3,500 listings. The online hotel booking service was launched in 2013. At present, it has more than 1,700 partner hotels with 350,000 unique visitors and 2 million monthly page views. Bloggers can also be a TravelBookPh affiliate and earn as high 65% commission rate for every booking made on your site. Everyone can join as long as you have your blog site or Facebook page. Sign up today and earn additional income without having to do extra work! Click here to become an affiliate.

As TravelBookPh celebrates its fourth anniversaries, expect more promotions from them including a free trip to Japan. To know more about this offer, kindly visit TravelBookPh website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.