My First LazerTag Experience

I can’t believe its been weeks since my last blog post. So sorry again for the lack of updates. Guess sometimes I write well under pressure? Since my backlogs are already piling up I decided to do it now or else I might forget documenting it again. So let me recount first one of the most memorable events which transpired 2 weeks ago in the confines of the LazerExtreme halls in Market Market in BGC.

Me getting ready to play. 

Last Saturday, I was one of the lucky bloggers who was invited to attend the You’ve Been Tagged LazerXtreme Event held at Market Market Mall in Bonifacio Global City. For those not familiar with the game or for those first timers like me, LazerXtreme is one of the leaders in sci-fi entertainment in the Philippines that offers Laser Tag in the country. Laser Tag is a popular sport abroad. During a family trip, the owner and Vice President of LazerXtreme, Mr. Martial Beck, was able to experience the thrill of the game and decided to bring the concept here in the Philippines. Along with other business minded individual including Mr. Jojo  Claudio, Mr. Jun Tiu, and Mr. Jean Pierre Delatre, they put up LazerXtreme.

To be honest, this was my first time trying the game since the people I invited to try this out wasn’t really into this sport and since its better doing this game with a team I decided to post pone trying it out unless I was already with a group. So I guess the invite came in handy and when I heard of this cool event I decided to immediately book an uber to bring me to this place.

The inside of the place. Cool right? 

I came in quite late due to the horrendous traffic so upon getting there they were already done with the 1st game and were all sweaty when they came out. I was still quite curious on how the game works so I volunteered immediately to participate in the next game.

We were grouped into 3 teams: The Red, The Yellow and The Blue with 5 people each. You were supposed to wear the gear corresponding to your group color and should always be holding the gun properly or else it wouldn’t shoot your opponent on point.

When the game commenced everything was already a blur to me cause people were all running in various directions trying to save their lives and not get hit or hit others before they get hit. My reflexes were all in full throttle as I tried to save my lives a couple of times since our team was quite competitive.

After the grueling, sweat inducing and heart pounding game we finally emerged victorious. Thanks to my very talented team mates. 🙂 Yey! 🙂 I have yet to book another game here with my family since I want them to try this as well 🙂 Definitely felt like a kid once again 🙂

The interiors of the place
Group Photo comprised of the Travelbook Staff and the invited bloggers 🙂 

LazerXtreme is recommended for people who are always in search of adventure and is up for any challenge. It has a safe and secure environment so parents need not worry about their kids. With LazerXtreme, gamers can expect only the best as they use state of the art laser tag equipment with world class arena. You can visit LazerXtreme website andFacebook page to know about their rates and promotions.

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