Why You Should Travel with Your SO

Its the summer season once again and I can already feel the heat of the summer sunshine. Flights and travels are already in place as the months of April and May roll in. With that being said, I think that one of the ways to test your true compatibility with your lover is to travel together whether its booking a flight or just embarking on a 12 hour long drive to the provinces.

Traveling has been proven healthy for romantic relationships, whether new or long term. Couples mainly travel to spend time together and share experiences, but true travel junkies know that it brings a wealth of other benefits. Here are a four good reasons why you should travel with your significant other:

This was our first road trip together when we witnessed the Hot Air Balloon Festival

  1. You will know your partner better

Traveling is said to be the ultimate relationship test because it brings out the best and worst in people. It opens a plethora of experiences and emotions that take us to our highs and lows. In a way, traveling makes it obvious that nobody is perfect, and that’s perfectly okay.

Our first out of town road trip together was actually quite a revelation for me since it showed me part of his real self that he easily got pissed with the grueling traffic and he didn’t really appreciate being squished together in a crowd especially when it comes to festivities like this. I guess you both just have to adjust to each other and try to feel out each others condition.

Road trips with this guy 🙂 


  1. You will learn how to work as a solid team

Here you can practice how to be “partners in crime”, from planning the trip and having common goals, to making decisions, and to the trip itself. It will bring out how you both complement each other. Let’s say if someone loses his wallet and his patience with it, the other person can lighten up the situation and focus on solutions. Travelling becomes a smoother experience because you have each other’s backs.

To be honest, I am not really a planner since my personality is usually the happy go lucky spontaneous type. With that said, most of my travels usually materialize because someone else leads the way and I just follow or like I just pay whatever is due after all the details had been taken care of by our planner. I learned how to do my research beforehand including taking note of the weather conditions, place reviews and planning for other contingencies like sleeping conditions, quality of the food and the nearest establishments along the area.

Guess good travels really take intense planning beforehand to avoid undue stress
  1. It allows you to share quality moments

Hours on the road gives you both a chance to talk about anything and everything. It’s also an opportunity to find moments of beauty just like in the movies. Going out of the daily routine lets you see the romance in any situation, however simple or grand.


Since I am usually the navigator during long road trips aside from knowing where to go, I make sure that I also have my own fair share of stories and interesting topics to talk about to keep everyone entertained during the long and winding road.

  1. It allows you to grow together

You can discover new passions, such as photography, food, art, music, or maybe even surfing, while traveling. Better yet, you get to share this new interest with your loved one and witness each other grow. Through this, you can appreciate each other even more and keep the love alive.


Traveling to new places and unfamiliar routes gives me excitement and makes me giddy once again like a kid since I get to take photos of our cuisine and document our new memories in my digital platforms.

So instead of giving each other gifts, why not celebrate your love by going somewhere together? In line with this,PayMaya rewards its young and adventure-seeking users with a chance to travel with their loved ones for free in the PayMaya Travel Blowout promo. Through the promo, users stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for four to Japan this April, with P50,000 pocket money. They earn raffle entries whenever they pay their bills through the PayMaya app, or whenever they use PayMaya for purchases worth P1,000 and up from April 1 – April 30, 2017

About PayMaya:

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