A Soothing Respite at Antara Spa Makati

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog since way back 2014 you would know that I am always on the lookout for new massage places and spas since after a long and tedious week after work we also deserve to pamper ourselves by relaxing and unwinding. 

Some people do this by watching movies with their SO’s or friends while others like me prefer to lie down and have my whole body kneaded and have the knots in my muscles loosened up by deep probing long strokes of my masseuse. So imagine the flicker of light again in my eyes when I received another invite from Aldous, this time around it wasn’t to try out a new food joint but to try out the services of this newly opened spa along the confines of Pasong Tamo.

Of course, I confirmed my attendance immediately and turned on to Waze to check out where this place was exactly located. Since I wasn’t really familiar with the South area I decided to book an Uber instead, that way it would be faster for me to get there since I assumed that the Uber driver should know better than me with regards to the location of the place and it would lessen my tension since I wouldn’t be the one behind the wheel amidst the traffic in the streets.

Upon entering the small and quaint place this is what will welcome you. Such a relaxing sight to see right? 🙂 

Upon arriving at the venue, I was actually quite surprised because the place looked quite small and wasn’t that well lighted from the outside. You would just see a small signage bearing their spa name “Antara Spa” and their tagline which guarantees total relaxation of your mind and body.

Looks can definitely be deceiving since when I entered the spa, lo and behold the owner of the place was actually an old friend of mine which I met when I was just starting out in the Corporate World and was still working at the hospital during that time.

Us bloggers with the owner of the Spa (Dennis Tan) at the leftmost corner

Dennis Tan, as I know him was already a made man excelling in his profession as a Chef since he already owns a series of restaurants and food joints bearing his own recipes. This by far is his newest baby having been less than a month old since they opened. He was very amicable and toured me around the place.

CCTV cameras were situated throughout the place to ensure that your belongings are well guarded

Upon entering Antara Spa’s reception area, my senses really appreciated the calming music and taste of the calming hot tea that I was served.

Some of the interiors of the spa
Muted earth tones dominate the theme of the place as evidenced by their carefully selected interiors and styling 


Antara Spa has six therapy suites, including an Ayurveda room, Dry flotation room, and the Couples suite. To be honest, I was quite surprised when he told me that they didn’t charge extra for the use of the “Couples Suite Room” since I have been quite exposed to a lot of massage places and spas and most of them usually charge a premium for the use of the “Couples Suite Room”.

Couples Suite Room which was very spacious and comes with no additional cost 

It’s obviously that a lot of thought has been put into the design of Antara Spa. The five elements of space, air, earth, water, and fire are prominent, with features such as bowls full of floating flowers, aromatherapy burners in all rooms, and earthy tones.

Handpicked artifacts complement the decor as earthy tones and hues were evident throughout the place.


All Organic Oils were used in their spa which can guarantee that their products are natural and safe


Antara Spa Treatments

Antara Spa has an extensive spa menu with a wide range of massages, body polishes, facials, body wraps, and baths. These treatments are designed to serve different purposes, such as detoxifying or balancing.

During my visit to Antara Spa, I had the Antara Signature Massage, combining Swedish and aromatherapy techniques. As a Digital Marketing and Research Officer I spend long days sitting in front of my computer, and am often plagued by tension in my shoulders and back. I was hoping that the massage would provide me with some relief from this tension. The actual result was so much better than I anticipated. I felt so relaxed at the end of the massage, I struggled to lift myself from the table.


The treatment started with a foot bath. On the massage table, my limbs and back were stretched and kneaded before aromatherapy oil was applied to my body, and I was given a thorough full body massage. It definitely eased out the knots in my shoulders and the tightness that I felt in my lower back.

My masseuse had been working at various Spas for quite some time now and it was obvious that she was experienced and knew what she was doing. I was pleased that she asked me what level of pressure I wanted her to apply during the massage, and often inquired as to how I was finding it.

I had their signature Antara Massage wherein bamboo sticks were applied in a whipping like motion to promote better circulation in your body.  I was provided with a comfortable cotton gown to wear, disposable underpants, and a tray to place my jewelry in.


Me and Via one of my close blogger friends having a selfie after massage



Antara Spa Cost

The treatments at Antara Spa are reasonably priced for a luxury spa. Here are some snaps that I took with regards to their price offerings along with their products.



Quite competitive right? Especially if you compare it to the other luxury spas within the metro. I just wish they had a branch in Quezon City so it would be closer to home.

The verdict? I’m already thinking about going back for another treatment.

Antara Wellness Spa
1289 Zobel Roxas Street


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