Mother’s Day 2017: Luto ni Nanay sa Salu

It’s been two weeks since we celebrated Mother’s Day with my Lola and my Mom and what better way to give tribute to the 2 women who raised us and toiled all these years just to ensure to give us a good future than to treat them out for lunch and give them tokens of our appreciation to them.

My Mom in her toga during her College Graduation

With that said, just a couple of weeks back I got invited to a sit down lunch at Salu Restaurant in the confines of Tomas Morato and since it was near our place of residency after mass we went straight there to the place to celebrate Mother’s Day as well. 

Their walls were adorned with lovely saying and words of wisdom from the ages

Tables and chairs were all filled with families dining in to celebrate Mother’s Day and to partake in the new offerings of Salu that afternoon. Before making a beeline to the sumptuous buffet spread we were introduced first to their roots as they took us back in time and told us how it all started and eventually unfolded.

The entrepreneurs behind this place is none other than real life couple Harlene Bautista and Romnick Sarmenta who wanted to showcase familiar dishes from our Mom’s kitchen, the one we have grown to love and accustomed to. That’s why the vibe that their dishes emanate is none other than the “Luto ni Nanay” concept.

“Whenever we eat out, Harlene would always wonder how the dishes that we ordered was cooked, thinking maybe she can cook it at home too. So we thought why not give that experience to the guests of Salu? An opportunity to learn a new dish and cook for their families inside a professional ktichen”, Mr. Romnick Sarmenta said.

The couple also said they were inspired by a lot of moms in different parts of the country when they were doing research. Authentic cuisines of different localities were thought to them by the ‘Nanays of Tanahan’, who are hailed to be the veteran chefs of the provinces.

A live cooking show was then presented to us that afternoon wherein they taught us how to cook lumpia with their own twist to the dish.

One of the pillar Mom’s of this restaurant was invited over that afternoon to demonstrate to us her signature lumpia dish
This one was one of the best sellers that afternoon since it was long gone even before everyone had a taste of this dish.

After the live cooking demo and after getting settled in our seats we were then treated to the sumptuous buffet spread fronting our table. Since there were a lot of guests that afternoon I decided to head first to the restroom to freshen up and upon coming back to the dining hall, to my surprise most of the dishes were already gone. It was like a hurricane just passed by and swept all the food away. Good thing their kitchen was well adept to situations like this as their serving plates were immediately refilled.

Upon seeing this set up guests could not help but take photos of the buffet spread and taste the dishes in store for us that afternoon

There were a lot of viands served that afternoon but some of the notable dishes for me were the following:

Their Kare- Kare which can rival those from top restaurants since their beef is very flavorful and comes with a crispy taste to it.
Their desserts were also a welcome treat to our palate 🙂
Fried crablets were also sereed beforehand as our appetizer. It is best eaten when dipped in vinegar and chili 🙂

Overall, it was a good experience as Mom’s were given roses of appreciation upon walking out of the door of the place to show how the restaurant values its Mom’s and their impact in our lives.

Our family having a group photo during the lunch.

Dine in guests could choose from three set menu – Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao. Each would already contain a list of viands, rice and single served drinks. Moms would be asked to cook at least two dishes from each set inside the Salu Kitchen, thus the name Salu’s Luto ni Nanay. To complete the learning experience, a Salu chef would assist the moms in their cooking, teach them techniques on how to make dishes better, tastier. A hand painted apron will be provided to moms right after the said activity as their souvenir to keep for their unique culinary experience.

Set meals range from Php2,000-Php2,500 good for 5-7pax. A very affordable package that is mixed with a valuable experience not just to the moms but to the whole family as well. Another exciting thing about Luto Ni Nanay is the Mindanao Package.

Guests would need to call Salu’s hotline to reserve a slot for Luto Ni Nanay, 2821512, or contact them through their facebook fan page.

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