Bono Gelato: Ice Cream with a Mark

To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with this new ice cream joint called Bono Gelato until a friend of mine introduced it to me. I usually just gravitate to my staple favorites like the cheese and the pistachio ice cream flavors so I wouldn’t regret it when my family doesn’t like the flavor I chose and I will end up eating the whole tub of ice cream causing me extra calories and an unhealthy diet. Hello thunder thighs and flabby arms!

So when one of my blogger friends invited me to try out this new flavor from this Ice Cream joint I wasn’t really that optimistic and tried to lower my expectations simply because I didn’t like to be disappointed but then again maybe first impressions don’t always last especially in this case.

They keep their products covered for it not to be exposed to dirt and to maintain its unique taste

My office is just a few meters away from Megamall so I was thrilled that the place that we were going to that night wasn’t far from my place of work. Yey! 🙂 I first tried their pistachio flavored ice cream which was one of their best sellers according to their Marketing Manager. Upon taking a spoonful of it, I was amazed as to how it tasted. It was really good and creamy, additional bonus points for not being too sweet! The s’mores came in next and it definitely tasted a lot like marshmallows, I loved the flecks of chocolate but it was a bit tad too sweet for my taste.

I took my sweet time sampling the various flavors of their ice cream. Guess once you pop you couldn’t stop right? 
And of course, Bono Gelato’s Mango & Chocolate Brittle is also one showstopper.
Their newest addition to their already tasty and unique menu is their Mango & Chocolate Brittle – a base of mango gelato made with fresh mangoes, mixed with chewy sweet mango bits and dark chocolate bits added with a generous sprinkle of chili salt and you will believe in the saying that Heaven is a Place on Earth. The saltiness and the chili flavor perfectly compliments the sweet and cold taste of the mango ice cream. Topped with a crisp wafer and you’re good to go! 🙂
Their other flavors also caught my fancy like their Taho flavored ice cream wherein you can really taste the sago in it and also their Milo Dinosaur flavor wherein the authentic milo taste truly comes out. Check them out and tell me how they fared for you 🙂

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