Agas Concept: Facial Whitening from Within

The past few weeks had been quite busy for me since I just celebrated my birthday and spent the past few days catching up with my friends whom I haven’t talked to for quite some time. Been also quite full since I’m preparing the slides for my upcoming talk next week about Consumer Insights in Marketing and How to Make Social Media Work for You but that’s for another blog post maybe after my talk next week.

So since I wanted to look different come my birthday which entails another year of growing older and hopefully more wiser and mature I decided to attend to the things that I might have ignored or overlooked for the past few months like my diet, my skin care routine and my exercise.

Good thing I chanced upon Dra. Michelle one of the Cosmetic Surgeons I met before when I went to one Derma Clinic to blog about their services. She introduced me to this new concept in Skincare called the ‘”AGAS Concept” a complete skincare routine to nourish and whiten your skin from within.

Me and some of my friends during my birthday dinner at Shaburi BGC

Since I was quite oblivious to this new concept, I did what I usually do when chancing upon an unfamiliar topic. Hello Google! 🙂 I saw a lot of links relating to this system and upon checking out the video testimonials of some patients who already tried it, they all had one thing to say: IT WAS EFFECTIVE.

Here’s a little tidbit I got from my research, The AGAS formulation enriches, nourishes, smoothens wrinkles and solidifies the skin. The unique combination of active natural ingredients preserves the skin and prevents withdrawal of the results already achieved even if the treatment is discontinued. It is recommended for day and night treatment, and is suitable for all skin types.

So since I didn’t want to be in the dark about this regimen, I decided to book an appointment one afternoon after work to try it out and see the results for myself.

IMG_4025 - Copy
Since I came in quite late in the afternoon I had to wait it out for my turn since they were quite booked that day. Good thing there were a lot of magazines to keep me entertained 🙂 
IMG_4026 - Copy
The interiors of the clinic located near Eastwood is quite chic and minimalist in design 🙂 

I was leisurely poring over the magazines by the rack that I barely noticed that I was already being called for the procedure by their receptionist. Dra. Michelle was very amiable to me and explained how everything would pan out after the treatment.

I was first ushered into one of their spacious rooms and was tasked to lie down in a supine position while they cleansed my face from make up.

IMG_4057 - Copy
Me before the treatment 🙂 Sorry for the haggard look since I was out on the field for the whole day. 
Introducing the AGAS Treatment. A 5 Step Skincare regimen to whiten your face from within 🙂 

You wouldn’t really be confused as to which cream to apply first since the numerical numbers are all in bold.

IMG_4042 - Copy
This one is Step 4 since the number 4 is highlighted by a white box 

So after they cleansed my face from my make up they began with the treatment regimen already 🙂

IMG_4059 - Copy
Their nurse was very pleasant to talk to and she was quite gentle in applying the creams to my face. 

She then proceeded to follow the steps simultaneously while leaving the creams on my face for certain minutes.

IMG_4063 - Copy
Circular and gentle strokes were used to apply the creams to my face, It actually felt very relaxing and good 🙂 It was like I was getting myself a facial without the pricking! Ridding my skin off the impurities and dirt without getting hurt. BEST FEELING EVER. 
IMG_4067 - Copy
They left the exfoliating cream for around 15 minutes in my face before washing it off and applying the next one. This one had quite the stingy feel since it was infused with mint. 
IMG_4049 - Copy
This is how it looks like upon opening the bottle 
IMG_4042 - Copy
This solution was left for also a couple of minutes after the exfoliating cream for maximum impact. 

Since my skin already has evident skin spots brought about my consistent sun exposure during my field work days this was the most advisable treatment for me to get rid of my skin spots since its whitening activating ingredients tend to reduce pigmentations and evens out skin tone leading to a whiter and more glowing skin 🙂

IMG_4052 - Copy
The last stop! 🙂 FINALLY 🙂 

The nourishing cream was left on my face for around 10 minutes afterwards I was given a cooling mask to wear to ensure that the effect of the treatment lasts longer and penetrates the deeper layers of my skin thus reducing melanin formation and pigmentation.

IMG_4075 - Copy
Finally DONE 🙂 I love how fresh my skin feels afterward. It was as if I was still wearing makeup due to the flawless white effect 🙂 I was so happy with the effect that I even went out to dinner with my best friend without anything on my face. 
IMG_4079 - Copy
Me and Doc Michelle after the treatment. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone since I personally saw first hand how one treatment can do wonders to your skin. If done continuously and on a regular imagine the transformation your dry and dull skin would undergo to a more beautiful you.

AGAS whitening treatment at the clinic is important, but in order to maintain the results post treatment at home is required.

About the Product:

The whitening products is a powerful treatment for aging spots, pigmentation, sun damage and acne damage. AGAS whitening is comprised of an innovative and concentrated combination of active ingredients from natural extracts. It helps in building collagen and elastin that gives skin a healthy, smooth and uniform look.

To know more about their other skincare products/ procedures you might want to attend their upcoming seminar to be held this August in the posh confines of Sofitel. Here’s the invite below 🙂


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