Shaburi: A Shabu Shabu Kind of Night

They say that the best things in life come when you least expect it. This age old adage holds true for me  since just last week as I celebrated my birthday my friends, family and KD all connived together to stage a surprise birthday bash for me.

My Love Tank is Full. Thanks for the surprise guys and to KD for making it all possible 🙂 

But before all that hullabaloo and before the whole party commenced let us first start where it all began that night. Since I didn’t opt to take my Birthday Leave from work and was saving it for another day I decided to just come in to work that day. My workmates and my boss surprised us with a chocolate cake from Conti’s while playing the Happy Birthday song wherein I was totally caught off guard since my birthday wasn’t until the next day.

Thanks for our yummy cake 🙂 

Since I just wanted a simple sit down dinner with some of my closest friends for my Salubong I decided to just do it in the Shabu- Shabu restaurant in BGC since I also got an invite from Cate to taste their menu so why not just shoot two birds with one stone and hold my Salubong there at the same time I get to taste their food and blog about it as well. I would just have to shoulder the cost for my friends who would dine in 🙂

To be honest,  I’m not really that keen anymore on the newly opened restaurants around the Fort since I started working in Ortigas. Guess I rarely venture out of the Ortigas vicinity these days save for some special occasions like this.

To give you a briefer, in case you’re like me who isn’t really updated anymore on the foodie scene out there in BGC here’s a little 411 for you 🙂

Shaburi is an all-you-can-eat healthy shabu-shabu brand from Japan that offers unlimited premium meats, fresh seafood, organic vegetables and a selection of appetizers.

Upon getting to the venue, we were immediately ushered to our seats like VIP guests. Unlike other shabu-shabu restaurants that have one communal pot for cooking, Shaburi offers each guest their own personal pot.

IMG_4355 - Copy
Their wide selection of fresh vegetables and toppings to be included in our hot pot later 
IMG_4369 - Copy
We chose the Soy Milk Miso based soup due to its thick and rich flavor 🙂 

There are five premium soups on their menu–Original Konbu, Sukiyaki, Paitan Chicken Collagen, Soy Milk Miso and Hot Miso. All are made from fresh vegetables and selected ingredients that promises health benefits. You will be presented with the different options by their waiter. Note that the soup isn’t refillable but their seafood water is! 🙂 So choose your soup wisely 🙂

Aside from the soup, fresh vegetables and other hotpot toppings what would make you come back and frequent this place is their UNLIMITED WAGYU BEEF! Now who can resist that right? I’m sure I can’t! 🙂 . Shaburi uses Wagyu beef from Australia, so you’re guaranteed good quality meat.

IMG_4375 - Copy
Best part of the meal! 🙂 UNLI WAGYU!!


I think I went back to the buffet table for a total of 4 times trying to scour around for toppings I might have missed out on. My personal favorites were of course their mushrooms, their tofu and their soft served ice cream! 🙂

IMG_4353 - Copy
An assortment of noodles were also included in the buffet to your heart’s delight 🙂 
IMG_4352 - Copy
That’s what I like! 
IMG_4360 - Copy
Tomatoes and bean sprouts were also in abundance that night 🙂 

I took my time in savoring the sumptuous smell from the broth I was cooking and tried to experiment with the various toppings and added them all to my soup mixture. This is what happened afterward..

IMG_4386 - Copy
A hodgepodge of various toppings 🙂 

Good thing it still complemented my soup flavor and my friends even liked what I cooked up that night that they decided to just share in with my pot 🙂

IMG_4399 - Copy
Me and my constants 🙂 Thanks for having dinner with me 🙂 

It was definitely something noteworthy due to their unlimited wagyu beef and their good customer service. Their fully attentive staff made sure that we weren’t left wanting and that all our needs were properly tended to. After the dinner we then headed off to Relik Bar in BGC where the surprise was waiting but that’s for another blog post. 🙂

Thanks for the invite Cate 🙂 

View menu
View their Instagram account
Level 4, Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 805-2932

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