My El Nido Jaunt Part 1

I’m back! Feels so good to be back in the blogging world after taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks. I’m really sorry that I don’t get to update my blog more often due to the other pressing priorities which calls my attention but I promise to post at least once or twice a month once again to regale you with the latest happenings in my life. 🙂

So before I veer off topic again, let me first regale you with my recent adventure in the pristine shores of El Nido 🙂 

Me having my photo taken alongside this majestic view which closely resembles that of a postcard 🙂

This trip was planned months before when the airfare prices were low, special thanks goes out to my blogging friend Marge Gavan from CoffeeHan who took it upon herself to spearhead everything from the accomodation to the booking of our tours. It was definitely a trip that I would always remember and treasure until were old and grey.

Like most of the visitors going to El Nido, we took a flight to Puerto Princesa (PPS). And traveled by land to El Nido town proper. Lara from DangerousLady4U and I flew in from Manila first to Puerto since our flight was scheduled at 8:30am in the morning. I still had to submit some reports for work so I asked Lara if we can look for a coffee shop nearby which had good internet connection so that I can submit my reports on time.

We stayed in Puerto until 5pm while waiting for our friends Marge and Alchris to arrive so that all of us could head over to our hostel for the check in. However, due to unforseeable circumstances both their flights were delayed by a couple of hours. So we opted to head off to El Nido instead and just book a hotel for one night so that we can relax and sleep off the night away.

The van ride heading to El Nido from Puerto took around 6-7hours, there were around 12 of us in the van. Good thing I was asleep for most part of the trip. The ride was quite tiring and butt numbing so I couldn’t wait to take a shower and finally rest up in the hotel. Thank you to Lara for booking our hotel that night. 🙂

Come the next morning Marge and Alchris were already having breakfast in a joint near our accomodation but since the check in time wasn’t until around 2pm. We opted to just drop our baggages at the frontdesk while we headed out for the tours.

The backdrop of our hostel were composed of colorful wall paintings depicting photo worthy places to visit 
The Hostel that we stayed in was filled to the brim with people from all over the world. If you’re looking forward to gain new connections and friends then this is the place for you. 

Our tour was sponsored by the very accomodating Mr. Philip Morales, a local of El Nido who owns Sealand Venture, tours and services provider.

We had two tours scheduled for 2 days which started at 9am but we had to be at the El Nido Pier Harbor at around 8:30am so that we could get settled in first along with the other passengers and attend the briefing before sailing off to the various islands.

Having our photo taken before sailing off and while waiting for the other passengers
Me donning on their life jacket since it is a prerequisite for safety purposes

During the first day, we had the Tour A scheduled wherein we visited the limestone paradise of Miniloc Island and its iconic lagoons. The sights at Miniloc are usually the ones perfectly captured in postcards. There are a couple of beach stops: one in Simizu Island and another at the 7 Commandos Beach in mainland El Nido.

Definitely postcard worthy 

We rented out a Kayak since Alchris and Marge didn’t know how to swim so that in order for the 4 of us to enjoy and make the most of our sight seeing we opted to paddle around in the Kayak so that all of us can appreciate the postcard worthy view. The limestone formations coupled with the lush greenery only added to the charm of the place. I fell in love with it immediately 🙂 It was such a refreshing sight to see away from the daily hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The majestic limestone formations coupled with the pristine aqua blue waters and the colorful coral formations under the sea made this sight a definite tourist attraction. 
Our group having a groupfie in the front of the boat before we ventured out to explore the islands

Simizu Island is the usual lunch stop. But if it gets too crowded, the boatman picks an alternative, usually Payong-Payong Beach. But if you really want to see Simizu (or Payong Payong), just let the boatman know so he wouldn’t skip it.

The boatmen prepared a sumptuous lunch for us in Simizu Island. Lunch is composed of the following: grilled fish, grilled pork or chicken, rice, vegetables, and fruits (usually bananas, watermelons, or pineapples).

Island Food is life! 🙂 
We definitely enjoyed the fresh and sumptuous lunch prepared by our boatmen that day 

It was such a fun filled day, I had fun taking shots of all the picturesque sights that day 🙂 After the tour, we then headed off to a nearby coffee shop to have some afternoon snacks before we retired back to our hostel to get ourselves settled and to wash ourselves after the long day.


Meanwhile for Tour C which was held the next day here are the islands that we visited.

 Hidden Beach
 Matinloc Shrine
* Talisay Island (lunch area)
* Secret Beach
* Helicopter Island

But that’s for another blog post. Stay tuned for my next post on my El Nido jaunt 🙂 Because the adventure doesn’t stop here 🙂 The boatmen were very helpful and were also quite funny injecting humor in their briefing of every island that we visited and explored.

To know more about SeaLand Ventures and get in touch with them here are their details below 🙂

Sea Land Venture El Nido
Brgy. Buena Suerte, Serena St.,
Poblacion, El Nido, Palawan
Contact no: +63 919 608 8077


  1. It was so nice to share this adventure with you! You proved to be an amazing travel buddy. Do you miss El Nido? Because I do, god that place is beyond beautiful!

    Here’s to more adventures!

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Thank you once again Marge for spearheading this trip. 🙂 Yes! Looking forward to more travels with you 🙂

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