My Therapeutic EMS Session from Skin Philosophie

It’s already the second quarter of the year! I can’t believe time flies so fast, soon it will already be 2018 and another new adventure is about to commence but before I get ahead of myself once again and digress from the topic let me first recount one of my recent jaunts this week wherein I finally found a cure/ a treatment for my chronic lower back pain which had been a perennial problem for me since time immemorial cause its been bothering me for way too long 🙂

Excited to try out their beauty and body care treatments

So anyway, last Saturday after I got back from my El Nido trip my good friend from blogging Tonette Nicolas  invited me out to have a sit down session and consultation with the beautiful Dr. Kyla Talens from Skin Philosophie  . 

Since I was free that afternoon and missed blogging bigtime due to my short hiatus caused by other pressing priorities I had to attend to, I immediately booked an uber and made my way to BGC where their newly refurbished branch is located. 🙂

However I think that they moved to a different location since the uber driver dropped me off at the Fort Strip where their former clinic was located. So I had to walk around the block to check out their more spacious clinic which has 10 new rooms as compared to their former clinic which only housed 4 rooms.

Upon entering their clinic their spacious waiting room will welcome you. I love the lavender theme of their interiors 🙂 

For those who are curious their new headquarters is located at B3 BONIFACIO HIGH STREET, 3rd Floor 9th Avenue corner Lane P , Bonifacio Global City. It is located on top off Agave the Mexican Bar.

Aside from this, they also have their Grooming Spa for Men and Women which is conveniently located at the 4th Floor of the FORT POINTE, Corner of 28th Street & 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. This one is just across their old clinic which was located in the Fort Strip. Offerings at the new branch include slimming, massage, nail services, eyebrow stranding/shading, nipple & lip tint and the likes. I have yet to visit this branch! 🙂

So going back to my visit to Skin Philosophie last week, upon entering their clinic you will be immediately ushered by their amicable receptionists who would ask you to fill out a Customer Information Sheet so that they would have a personal record of your allergies or other medical conditions which needs some attending. Then soon after, you will be guided to the consultation room where you would have a sit down one on one consultation with their In House Doctor on duty that day.

I was fortunate that Dr. Kyla wasn’t that preoccupied during that time so she was able to accomodate me. I explained how I had this annoying back pain located on the lower left quadrant of my back which has been a chronic dilemma for me since way back. She recommended their 60 Minute Massage with a 30 Minute Neuromuscular Electrostimulation.

I was quite hesitant to try the procedure at first TBH since I knew that this machine will be delivering electrical pulses to my body which can cause a shock sometimes especially if you’re not used to it. However, she reassured me that the pressure would be very tolerable and low that you can even do it on a weekly basis.  So I consented to trying it out since I have been craving for a massage since I got back from my trip. 🙂

Their treatment rooms are quite spacious and are draped with clean lavender towels.  
IMG_6026 - Copy
This is the bed where the massage would be held, It is more spacious as compared to their standard treatment rooms used for the other procedures. 

The massage is done by a skilled therapist who will use relaxing strokes and kneading techniques that promote overall relaxation, blood circulation, and relief from muscle tension. My therapist regaled me about his experience as a therapist in the province before he was referred by his former client to work here.

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept of NMS, Here’s a quick briefer about it.

Neuromuscular electrostimulation is carried out by placing electrodes on target areas. The gentle electrical pulses then travel along nerve fibers to disrupt pain sensations. It is also believed to release endorphins which block pain receptors.

This is how it looks like 🙂 

The electrodes would be attached to your body to deliver a low pressure electrical shock. They adjusted the pressure around 3x to my comfort level 🙂

This is how it looks like during the procedure. 

Skin Philosophie is run by UK-trained Aesthetic Dermatologist Dr. Kyla Talens. Her outstading credentials alongside her passion for her craft makes her very successful in this field.

After the session, I felt relieved since the persistent back pain that I have felt for many years due to my scoliosis wasn’t that persistent anymore. I am definitely coming back for another session.

Skin Philosophie (Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions)
3rd Floor (The elevator is beside Agave)
B3 Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue corner Lane P
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(0917) 890 6800
(0942) 196 5529
(02) 215 8080

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