My FrezyDerm Sunblock Review

Just recently, I have always been on the lookout for new and effective skin care products since our skin should be our greatest asset aside from our hair which we should maintain on a daily basis. So when I visited the clinic of my Doctor friend Dra. Michelle from  Micara Clinic   I personally asked her recommendation as to what sunblock product she would recommend for me since I was about to go to a beach trip with my friends to El Nido Palawan. Read about my beach adventure here . 

Being under the sun for 6 days straight didn’t really worry me that much since I was wearing the long lasting sunblock from Frezyderm the whole time 🙂 

To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of serums or sunblock creams before especially if they are used for the face because my facial skin care routine is very basic but since I am getting older and I read from an online article before that we should really invest in our skin care routine as early as our 20’s I started to check out various products online.

I was quite skeptical in trying out the sunblock to be honest since I wanted to avoid the typical white, ghost like mask, facial sun screens often leave. So I checked out various online reviews first before trying it out and many of the beauty vloggers actually vouched for this product so I gave it a try. 


For those not familiar with the product here’s a quick briefer: Frezyderm is a Greek brand first established in 1986.  Their range of products have been designed to provide effective hydration through two different product ranges – anti-ageing and moisturising.

The sunblock and their serum comes in a handy pump style tube so it’s really easy to dispense. I only needed to apply a few drops of this to my face and neck twice a day and it left my skin feeling smoother, softer and less oily.

Aside from that it also leaves a powdery finish, I didn’t even need to put on my usual face powder after applying the sunblock 🙂


This stuff is great. It smells AMAZING, it sinks in super quickly and it has a really nice consistency, kind of like a lightweight gel. It isn’t oily feeling and leaves my skin feeling really soft.

Me before going to work after I applied the product 🙂 
The product gives off a powdery finish, I didn’t even need to put on my usual face powder after applying the sunscreen 

Benefits which could be gained from this product are the following:

  • Protection from photo-ageing
  • Protection from mutations
  • Protection from photo-induced immunosupression.
  • Photo-stable filters
  • Special actives to protect and repair DNA
  • Provide skin stem cells prophylaxis
  • Meet new regulations regarding UVB/UVA

To be honest, Frezyderm made my makeup last really well and I’ve used it daily since. I think I found it even better due to the knowledge it was also protecting my skin from all the nasty effects of UVA/B.

The packaging is much nicer than standard sunscreen. It has an almost test tube style look to it, but with gold accents and a handy twist top pump so you can ensure it stays closed during travel.

If you have sensitive skin you’ll be pleased to know that Frezyderm is paraben free and dermatologically tested so it’s suitable for all skin types and ages.

To get hold of this product you can head straight to the Micara Clinic near Eastwood 🙂 or get in touch with them via their Facebook page. 

Micara Skin Care Center

Dermatology and Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Clinic

Libis, Quezon City

Unit 301 Vignet Center E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave Bagumbayan Quezon City, Quezon City

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