My Second AGAS Session :)

It’s already the 3rd quarter of the year! Time really does fly so fast especially when you’re having fun. I can just remember the days when I was this wide eyed hopeful fresh graduate trying to find my niche in this seemingly challenging Corporate World and now I am already done with my MBA degree with 7 years of working experience under my belt.

During our celebratory dinner  in Rockwell with my classmates and our Professors 🙂 

I guess, experience is still the best teacher since I have gained significant insights from the people that I have worked with through the years and I have also learned to adjust and change my paradigm on things to make myself a better person.

I have also learned to give value and invest in the proper skin care hygiene that my skin deserves. To be honest, I wasn’t really into the recent make up trends, I didn’t even know that you shouldn’t sleep with your makeup on and that you should always put on sunblock before applying your powder. That’s how dense I was when it came to makeup before. 😦

Well, I guess experience really is a good teacher since it taught me the value of taking some time off to attend to my skin care needs because my skin greatly suffered due to my lack of care as evidenced by my acne scars and dark spots which resulted because of my complacency about these kinds of things.  

Some dark spots casused by former pimple scars are still visible on my face 
Also a few rough edges and scars can be seen on the left side of my cheek

Good thing advances in medical technologies makes it easier for us now to rectify these imperfections. I recently had my first AGAS treatment session at the Micara Skin Care Clinic in Libis. Read about it here.

ICYDK, Skin spots are caused mainly by exposure to UV radiation, hormonal changes, aging, certain medications and heredity. There are three types of skin pigmentation: Melasma, inflammatory process spots (Acne Scars) and sunspots.

Most of the existing whitening products are based on the inhibition of the enzyme  Tyrosinase resulting in  negative side effects such as the formation of free radicals that accelerate the aging processes, loss of elasticity and dryness  of the skin. That’s why sometimes when we apply whitening products to our skin it tends to dry easily due to this.

I wanted to achieve a natural glow on my face without the use of makeup or artificial products hence the use of AGAS Whitening Solution which tends to lighten visible epidermal layers while regulating the melanin production in your skin 🙂

So upon arriving at the Micara Clinic on a Sunday they immediately ushered me into the treatment room since I already had a previous record with them and this is just for the maintenance 🙂

STEP 1: Rinse, Clean and Lather 🙂 
STEP 2: The Exfoliatior

This formula would be left on your skin for 15 minutes for your skin to slough off its dead skin cells. This one has a minty and stingy feeling it to and smells of mint and lemongrass put together. 🙂

STEP 3: Whitening treatment

They will leave this on your face for around 10 minutes or less. This one has the Whitening Activator Solution which whitens skin naturally from within:)

STEP 4: Whitening Boosting Mask 

This is to infuse the effects of the 3rd step to ensure that its maximum effect is achieved and will be left on your skin for another 10 minutes before the last step.

IMG_7546 - Copy
STEP 5: Nourishing Cream 

Last is the nourishing cream which feels cold on your skin. This will last for around 10-15 minutes again and then VOILA! 🙂 You’re done! 🙂

STEP 5: Nourshing Time 

With every session you can instantly notice the visible difference on your skin that the product makes. You just have to be vigilant in maintaining it if you want your glowing complexion from within to last longer 🙂 Yes, beauty comes at a cost but its worth it 🙂

A close up shot of my face after the treatment. 

It was like I applied make up since my acne scars are less visible to the naked eye.

Check out their services here


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