My Unforgettable Speaking Engagement :)

I’m back! 🙂 The 3 day long weekend had served me pretty well as I got to relax and unwind in the comforting lush mountains of Baguio City where we usually spent our summers growing up as kids. As August is coming to a close this month and with the BER months lurking in just a few nights away I would like to recount all the wonderful things that had transpired during the past couple of weeks.

So where do I begin? Let’s start perhaps with the most memorable one which was me being invited to become  a guest speaker in a noteworthy convention comprised of accomplished doctors in their respective fields. My deepest gratitude goes out to Dr. Maika from Micara Clinic for inviting me to be included in their roster of speakers on that day. It was truly an honor and a privilege to be there and I would never forget that.

Me on the podium talking about some tips on how to increase your Social Media following and how to curate your content specifically targeting your market niche. 

Kudos also to KD for accompanying me in this milestone and for volunteering to drive me to Sofitel to support me in my speaking engagement. To be honest, I have done just a few speaking engagements before one was around 2015 where I was invited back to my Alma Mater Miriam College to talk to lower school students about blogging and creative writing wherein I shared to them the importance of writing from your heart and following your passion because it is what drives you to move forward and get your story out. 🙂

Me with the lower school students from Miriam 🙂 

Another one was held just a few months back  in Pancake House wherein me and my good friend Via Galang from Encyclopevia hosted a 4 hour Social Media seminar for start up entrepreneurs and Social Media Specialists.


So imagine my surprise when I was invited over by Dr. Maika to speak to a whole society of well accomplished Doctors. I was quite nervous but I was ready to take on the challenge 🙂

Since traffic was quite bad that day the program started a little later than the scheduled time and they had to rearrange the line up of speakers since some were stuck in traffic going to the venue just like us. Upon arriving at the venue I was immediately attended to and ushered to my seat near the tech booth so that I can already set up my slides as I had two more speakers before me who had a 15 minute presentation each. This gave me ample time to calm my nerves and mentally condition myself for my talk 🙂


Since I was the only non doctor amongst the speakers it was quite comforting to know that my topic was quite new to them since its from another field of expertise which made my discussion all the more interesting to them. I just dished out a few of my experiences in the Corporate World with regards to online adverstising and curating your content.

I was in my zone when I started talking about what I loved to do that I didn’t really notice the time. Good thing their events organizer went in front of me to signal me that my time was up and that it was already time to wrap things up. I just gave them my contact details in case they had further questions :). I guess it served them well since a couple of doctors actually added me up on my Social Media Pages and even asked for a copy of my lecture and told me that they were able to glean a lot of insights from my talk 🙂

It warms my heart to know that even though my talk was cut short due to the time constraint it left an impact to them. 🙂 Moments like this make me think of the higher goal and serve as my constant reminder to keep on pushing on despite the curveballs  that life may throw my way.


We were then awarded with a token and  a plaque of recognition for sharing our valuable insights on that day. I came home that day with a fulfilled outlook on life 🙂

Me standing side by side with their esteemed speakers from different fields of medicine 🙂


  1. niz nolasco says:

    So proud of you, Lou =)… Would love to read a copy of your talk.

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Thank you so much Ate. Words like these make me all the more inspired to go after my goals. 💕

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