Trying Something New at Skin Philosophie

We all need a breather at times especially when life in the Metro gets too stressful that is why we should always remember to appreciate the simple things in life like our family, the fact that we can afford to eat three times a day, the existence of our Corporate Jobs because it accords us the benefits and the finances to survive on a day to day basis and of course our ability to afford a relaxing whole body massage once in a while to soothe our tired muscles.

Having a warm cup of chamomile tea before my massage never fails to set the mood for me to relax 🙂


I love getting myself a good and relaxing massage since its no secret that my chronic back pain had been a perennial problem of mine for quite some time now.  So I make it a point to book myself a relaxing treatment once or twice a month to soothe my tired nerves, re-energize my body and address those knots in my back.

Since it was a Sunday and traffic was very light KD and I decided to head out to the Fort to get my massage from Skin Philosophie and at the same time have a light meal as well in the confines of the Fort.

I usually get just the basic whole body shiatsu massage or the swedish one whenever I frequent the massage parlors near our area of residence but since I wanted something new this time around I opted to try out the Hot Stone Massage of Skin Philosphie in the Fort just on top of Agave (The Mexican Pub) located in Serendra.

I usually get their Therapeutic EMS treatment since it was quite effective for me during my last visit. Check out my last post here. However, I wanted to try something new aside from that treatment for me to also be aware of their other service offerings and compare on how they differ from each other.

I wasn’t kept waiting for long since Ms. Grace already pencil booked me that afternoon at 2pm so they were already expecting me and had the treatment room already made up. I was asked to unrobe and lie down on the treatment bed in a prone position while the therapist waited outside until I was ready.

Her light and soothing strokes grazing across my body definnitely fit the bill as I was slowly being lulled off to sleep which means that the massage is very relaxing. I think she addressed most of my pain points which I disclosed early on before the treatment started.

Soon afterwards, she brought out the newly heated / electrically charged stones and proceeded with the session.

This is how it looks like 🙂

In case you’re wondering on how this affects your body. Here’s how it serves its function 🙂

-The smooth-surfaced stones aid in de-stressing the muscles by warming and loosening them up to make the deep tissue massage even more effective.

-The stones also improve circulation by opening up the blood vessels to let more oxygen reach your muscles.

This is how it looks like when applied to your back 🙂

Most of the time it is applicable to all types of patients but like other massage treatments there are also certain contraindictaions entailed with it. Like the following:

➢ Not advisable for clients with muscle tears or muscle injuries, bone injuries or joint problems.
➢ Not advisable for those with swelling/inflammation/irritation/infection in the area to be treated.
➢ Not advisable for clients with heart conditions, pacemaker, cancer, metal implants, scars, nerve damage or problems.

It felt so good afterwards that I was in the mood to get some grub with KD in the nearby food bazaar located in the middle of Serendra.

Me enjoying my oreo covered churros in the Food Bazaar fronting Skin Philosophie
Definitely a well spent relaxing Sunday with this one 🙂


Skin Philosophie (Grooming Spa for Men and Women)
4th Floor Fort Pointe, 28th Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 703 9190
(0917) 137 6076



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