Wake Me Up When September Ends

The past few weeks had zoomed by like a dream. A lot has already transpired and it’s the BER months once again. To be honest, I don’t really know what to write about first since there are a hundred things coursing through my mind right now. But before I veer off again into other topics let me first recount some of the highlights of my life during the past few months.

My family went up North to the lush mountains of Baguio where we spent the long weekend  

Thank God for long weekends which serves as mini-vacation days for me and my family. Just a couple of weeks back we decided to spend the long weekend in the cold mountains of Baguio just like before when we were kids.

This time around it was to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday and at the same time bond with our Aunt before she heads for a month long stay in the USA to take care of her sister-in-law who just underwent a knee surgery.

During our first day, we did the usual which was to get settled before we went to Mines View to check out some finds and then we headed to Wright Park to let my brother ride the horses since he has been clamoring for it since the trip began.

We also took this opportunity to be photographed donning on their indigenuous costumes. Somehow, they managed to capitalize on their native assests and turned it into a business.

Me and my sister draped in Igorot garments
Posing with the family 

Of course our visit to Wright Park wouldn’t be complete without our usual Strawberry Taho which was something you should not miss when you’re in Baguio.

Me holding out my Strawberry Taho in broad daylight while waiting for my brother to finish his horseback riding session

Soon affter lunch I decided to veer off track and visit BenCab museum since we haven’t really navigated that part of the city before and I saw in one of my friend’s posts that it was really a sight to see and behold. So after some consideration on my Mom’s part we decided to head there for lunch.

Me with the fambam upon arrival at the museum 

It surely did not disappoint since me and my sister had fun taking snaps at the various artworks and paintings which can only be seen in this part of Baguio. It actually bears an uncanny resemblace to Pinto Art Gallery which is located in Antipolo.

Us goofing around with the artworks as our backrop
Me trying to be a blogger and imitating the look- down pose
Coffee time with the family 🙂 

We had our sumptuous fill for lunch at their in-house cafe which served healthy dishes which are a delight to the palate.

The view from above 

After this side trip we then decided to venture back home to our Uncle’s place to have dinner with the family and rest up as well since it has already been an eventful day for us.

Me and my sister taking a selfie during our dinner held at the serene and posh Mario’s Restaurant 

I had their signature steak which of course didn’t disappoint since it was their house specialty. Then after dinner we all decided to head home and rest up since tomorrow will be another long day 🙂

It was truly a weekend to remember since we rarely get times like these anymore these days due to our busy schedules. So when opportunities like these come up I make sure to not neglect it and make the most out of it since at the end of the day, your family is the only thing that you will have no matter what curveballs life may throw your way.

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