New Joint on the Block: Salchipapas

PASSION. It’s what drives us to move forward towards our goals and to just keep on going despite the curveballs life may throw our way. I guess, its what makes life worth living and our motivating force to do better and constantly innovate, excel and upgrade our skills.

image (1)
Props goes off to Sam for the awesome Instagram worthy set up of the dishes


So just last weekend I was invited by my friend Sam for a food tasting session in her place. She mentioned that another food blogger would also visit her place to taste her dishes that she specially made.

It was a little past lunch time when I got to her place and I was a little drenched by the heavy downpour caused by the non-stop rainshower that day. When I saw the set she had prepared for us I was quite curious as to the taste of these dishes since these are your usual food “merienda” staples when you’re looking for a quick fix to address your hunger pangs. 🙂

I asked her as to her inspiration in creating this brainchild of hers and she told me that it all stemmed up from an idea of bringing the Costa Rican street food here in the Philippine shores when she visited that country before.


image (6)
These 4 types of dips are very tasty. Just choose the one which suits your fancy

I specifically like the dips which comes in a variety of 4 flavors: Spicy Mayo, Cheese Sauce, Chili Cheese Sauce and their Salchipapas Special Sauce. My two top picks are the chili cheese sauce and the spicy mayo sauce since it has a tangy taste to it which will surely whet your appetite 🙂

image (4)

These are fried strips of bacon which can be coupled with their rice dish. True to the old saying  that”Everything with Bacon is good!” this dish proves just that.

image (5)
Gallo Pinto Fusion

Just like our usual breakfast staple “Sinangag” wherein our rice is garnished with various ingredients like beef pieces, pepper, basil, butter and sometimes egg tidbits. This dish offers a new twist to the Filipino breakfast food staple as its ground beans offer this dish the right ingredient to compliment the sumptuous and juicy bacon strips that come along with it. This is perfect for those people who are on the go and who want their food fast yet not scrimping on the quality.

image (3)

They also had their very own taco’s which was coupled with some veggies and tender ground beef.

image (2)

The crunchy shell of these tacos would surely keep you coming back for more. Another one of my top picks from their menu is their Empanadas which comes in 3 flavors: The Chili Con Carne, The Cheese and the Beef Flavor.

I loved their Chili Con Carne version since you can really taste the rich flavor of the Chili Con Carne and it’s also something unique veering away from the usual empanada flavors.



Just when you thought that the best has already come, their best seller actually comes from the name of the dish itself.

Presenting to you their very own: Salchipapas

image (3)

The flavorful mix of their homemade fries, hotdog bits and the salty cheezy flavor coupled with the sweet yet tangy flavor of the ketchup adds all the more charm to this dish than what meets the eye.

image (1)Lastly, they also have their authentic hotdogs for those officeworkers like me who are looking for a quick, easy yet familiar merienda staple while working.


In the pipeline are more dishes to be added in their menu but in the meantime do check them out at their Facebook Page at and their Instagram account here.

Their food stall is located at the HigherGround food station of BA Lepanto in Paseo de Roxas, Makati.

-Credits to Kenneth Ng and Sam Balbin for the Photos 🙂

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