How to Know if your Oven is the One?

REGRETS.  We all have these in life. The 3 day Holiday did me some good I must say since  aside from binge-watching on my favorite series, eating out with my family, attending events with KD and working out every other day, it also got me thinking about the progress that I have been making with my personal goals as of late. These goals get me going and my blood pumping as I challenge myself to pursue my other dreams and continually hone my skills to become holistically well rounded.
One of my goals for this year after finishing off my Graduate School Studies is to travel more and learn new skills like cooking, budgeting and managing the household just like what my GrandMother and Mom did so effortlessly through the years.
So when events regarding household appliances come to rise, I usually make time for it whenever my schedule permits. Since I want to learn and absorb as much as I can about these things in the kitchen which will eventually aid me in whipping up a good meal. 🙂
Time to develop other life skills like cooking and baking 🙂 

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Share the Love This Christmas with PayMaya’s Merry Millionaire Promo

GOALS. We all have this. Whether this might be traversing around the world and going to various parts of the country, pouring  your heart out in writing and publising your very first post in your blog, teaching in an academe or working in a good company and getting to talk about your company to your customers in various places. These goals keep us on our toes constantly and propels us to move forward each day with a purpose 🙂

I guesss, my passion for constantly learning new things and sharing these new insights to others reflect on my wriings and articles. That’s why when I heard of this new promo that PayMaya is launching. I could not help but get excited once again as I share to you their million peso promo 🙂 Who knows? You might just be their next big winner 🙂

Thankful for this opportunity to talk about our company in various radio stations 🙂 #LifeGoals

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Light Up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Regrets. In life we would always have these, whether it is regrets about this guy who got away, your body weight due to unhealthy eating and incessant snacking on sweets and junk food, events that you missed out on because you were too busy or relationships with your friends and family which were severed along the years and have caused so much tension between both parties that none of you wants to ever see each other again.

What I have learned in my 20 something years of existence in this world is that regrets and sulking won’t do you any good. You can cry, scream at the top of your lungs, run as fast and as long as you can or you can vent out your emotions in writing 🙂 But what matters most is what you do after. How do you move forward? The way to deal with these types of regrets is to learn your lessons, pick up yourself and never look back. There is no point crying over spilled milk, what is done has been done. Life goes on and people move on. So just keep swimming in this journey called life.

You just need to keep your mind on the goal and just move forward. Everything will pan out in the end, just have faith. 

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