Light Up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Regrets. In life we would always have these, whether it is regrets about this guy who got away, your body weight due to unhealthy eating and incessant snacking on sweets and junk food, events that you missed out on because you were too busy or relationships with your friends and family which were severed along the years and have caused so much tension between both parties that none of you wants to ever see each other again.

What I have learned in my 20 something years of existence in this world is that regrets and sulking won’t do you any good. You can cry, scream at the top of your lungs, run as fast and as long as you can or you can vent out your emotions in writing 🙂 But what matters most is what you do after. How do you move forward? The way to deal with these types of regrets is to learn your lessons, pick up yourself and never look back. There is no point crying over spilled milk, what is done has been done. Life goes on and people move on. So just keep swimming in this journey called life.

You just need to keep your mind on the goal and just move forward. Everything will pan out in the end, just have faith. 

For the past few months now, I have been really bothered about my weight since my Mom would not get off my case and would always bug me every chance she gets about my weight and why I wouldn’t stop eating. What can I do? I love food and due to my busy schedule I couldn’t really find time to workout, but still it’s no excuse to lose yourself and your figure. It’s all about control and choosing wisely the food that you take in your body.

So since I am taking the first step to living healthy once again and in trying to lose weight the right way. I attended the Healthy Options unboxing of their Holiday Gift Sets a couple of weeks back.


Light Up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Healthy Options, the Philippines’ first and only retail store exclusively specializing in all-natural and organic products, came out with their 2017 Holiday Gift Collection 2 weeks ago at their signature store in Edsa Shangrila Mall.

They had a Light Up Your Christmas theme which drew inspiration from the idea of sharing gifts that would benefit recipients beyond the material aspect.Why not be beautiful and healthy the natural way right? 🙂 I am starting to love this brand already. When I got there to their store we were tasked to go around their store and select our top 3 picks from their shelves. Then by the end of the luncheon, they would draw out 3 lucky winners who would get to take home their top 3 picks. Too bad, lady luck wasn’t on my side that afternoon but nonetheless, I discovered a lot of swell and healthy finds.
 As I was going around the aisles, I was surprised that they offered a lot of products ranging from health, to groceries to beauty to even books regarding health. It’s a one stop shop for those people who want to be healthy the natural way, cause it’s the best way! 🙂
Their shelves were all stacked to the brim
Such a classic set up right?
These were some of the top picks which can be included in your own customizable Holiday Gift Set
Healthy Options held their annual gift show last Oct 20-22,2017  at the Healthy Options Shangri-La and Glorietta 2 branches, wherein Christmas shoppers pre-ordered and availed of exclusive discounts and privileges.
During the launch wherein they unveiled their Holiday GIft Baskets, a sumptuous feast was served to the guests and glasses of wine were passed around from one table to another.
The highlight of the launch was when they showcased their line up for their 2017 Holiday Gift Collection, featuring healthy and exclusive gift items.
These were carefully curated selections of wholesome all-natural food options, allowing you and your gift recipient to revel in the goodness of health this holiday season.
Glisten (Php2995.00)


Twinkle (Php2995.00)
The Glow Box is  filled with snacks and treats that aims to nourish. This package costs around (Php2995.00)
They also have beauty sets which you can give to your friends. I actually bought one basket which I would raffle off to my cousins in our upcoming Christmas gathering 🙂
 Pure Radiance (Php1195.00)

It might be a little pricey for you but trust me it’s worth it 🙂 As the age old adage goes: “There’s nothing better than going natural”

For more information on their exclusive Light Up Your Christmas gift show and holiday selections, visit any Healthy Options store nationwide – see their list of stores when you go to or e-mail

Here are their Online Media Sites for your reference:
And use the hashtag #HealthyOptionsHolidays for this season!

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