How to Know if your Oven is the One?

REGRETS.  We all have these in life. The 3 day Holiday did me some good I must say since  aside from binge-watching on my favorite series, eating out with my family, attending events with KD and working out every other day, it also got me thinking about the progress that I have been making with my personal goals as of late. These goals get me going and my blood pumping as I challenge myself to pursue my other dreams and continually hone my skills to become holistically well rounded.
One of my goals for this year after finishing off my Graduate School Studies is to travel more and learn new skills like cooking, budgeting and managing the household just like what my GrandMother and Mom did so effortlessly through the years.
So when events regarding household appliances come to rise, I usually make time for it whenever my schedule permits. Since I want to learn and absorb as much as I can about these things in the kitchen which will eventually aid me in whipping up a good meal. 🙂
Time to develop other life skills like cooking and baking 🙂 

So just a couple of weeks back, This new product in the marketplace called BEKO Ovens had their Media Launch.
During the launch their  Sales and Marketing Head harped on about the trends in today’s mdern kitchen. How our kitchen’s should boast of its efficiency, sleek design, and the functionality of our appliances. And since most of us spend some time and effort preparing meals for the family, it is important to find the right cooker that can address your very specific needs.
To help us pick the right choice, Beko, one of the Europe’s largest and most popular appliance brands, listed some of key factors to consider when buying a new oven.

BEKO Built In Oven 1

Size and Capacity
If you are re-designing your kitchen or thinking of upgrading your built-in cooker, the size and capacity should be the first things you should consider. This factor is important since there are different kinds of oven sizes to choose from.  
For instance, if you need an oven to carry out most of your everyday cooking, the built-in Single Ovens are the ideal cooker for you. With their 60cm height, you can place them anywhere in your kitchen. This oven is also perfect for families who don’t have enough kitchen space for double ovens but still want to get the benefits of capacity cookers. Beko’s range of single ovens come in 65L to extra-large 82L capacities.
Beko 94 Lt Multifunction & Steam Assisted Built-In Oven
However, not all kitchens are spacious so if yours isn’t, Beko’s Compact Ovens can be the ideal option. With its 45cm height, you can place it in between your cabinet columns without taking much of the space. This cooker is just the right size and has a 40L capacity
If you happen to have a large kitchen, Beko’s Double Ovens are the best choice especially if you like preparing multiple dishes at once. These ovens can be built-in to your kitchen’s cabinet columns. It comes in a 72cm and 90cm height model and its double oven capacities are also great for multiple cooking with its 48L and 65L capacity, respectively.
BEKO Built In Oven 1-A
After deciding on the size and capacity, it’s time to think about which type of oven you need. There are three types of ovens to choose from namely, conventional, fan, and multi-functional ovens.
Conventional ovens are ideal for traditional home cooks. This type of oven allows for a conventional-style of cooking since the heat comes from the top and bottom heating elements and does not have a fan to circulate the heat.
BEKO 65L Oven
Fan ovens, on the other hand, are best for baking or if you often cook dishes that require even temperature. With fan ovens, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the entire cooking compartment using either single or multiple fans.
And if you’re a home cook who enjoys experimenting with different cooking methods, the Multi-function oven is right for you. It can be used for grilling, defrosting, or baking and with more functions, you can cook any dish you like.
Easy-to-clean feature
Another feature you should consider is the self-cleaning feature. While you may enjoy cooking, let’s face it, cleaning the oven after using it can be a hassle.
Beko integrated self-cleaning features in its line-up of cookers to help cut your cleaning time. Its Pyrolytic Self Cleaning™ and SimplySteam Cleaning™ features clean away unwanted dirt, germs and food debris quickly and thoroughly so you spend more time with your family and less time cleaning up.
The 120-minute Pyrolytic Self-cleaning cycle function helps burn stubborn stains into a fine ash by safely heating your oven to 500 °C. The ash can then be simply wiped away with a piece of cloth, without the need of any detergents or chemicals. For ovens that are not too dirty ovens, you can use the shorter 90-minute eco-pyrolytic cycle. The 90-minute cycle saves 25 percent of energy consumption.
Some Beko ovens also have the SimplySteam Cleaning™ technology that cleans using steam. After using, simply remove the accessories, pour some water into the tray and place it at the bottom level of the cooker. Then, set the operation knob to start the steam cleaning process. Once the cycle is done, you can now wipe away all the dirt inside using a clean cloth.
This is so beneficial to busy individuals like me who don’t really have the time of day to clean out tediously my kitchenware 🙂 So it’s good to know that cleaning this oven is as easy as 1,2,3 🙂
Extra features
The last factor that you should consider when buying an oven is the range of extra features that come with it. Beko’s line-up of ovens offer a handful of modern and practical features, such as the Split&Cook feature that allows you to split the oven into two separate cooking zones so you can have two different temperatures without mixing the scents and flavors of your dishes; the Multi-Dimensional Cooking feature that cooks evenly and efficiently through the use of multiple dishes that traps its own supply of hot air enabling you to cook homogeneously and with maximum efficiency; and Safety features such as Gas Safety and Flame Failure that automatically cut off the gas flow when the fire is accidentally extinguished by the wind or any liquid, thereby, preventing gas leakage.
Hopefully this list helped you decide as to the oven that you will get in your future/ current kitchen 🙂
BEKO 65L Oven
To know more about Beko and Beko Philippines, like their Facebook fan page (@BekoPH) or visit their website at 

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