Paying Your Bills has Never Been This Easy!

nWe all have different types of habits in life whether you’re the OC type of person who runs a tight ship and is always in control of the situation or whether you are more of the balanced type of person who knows how to have fun while juggling her responsibilities everyday.

TBH, I am more of the latter type of person since I have always believed in the mantra of having balance in all aspects of your life. I know how to have fun while balancing it out with the various aspects of my life. However, sometimes with a lot of things running in my mind throughout the day it is inevitable for me to forget some pertinent details unless I schedule it in my planner or use an app to remind me of my upcoming meeting/ workout session.

Who said working out couldn’t be fun?

On a daily basis my life revolves around my work, finding some spare time to browse through some books/ read  a new story on my Kindle, working out, having catch up dinners with my friends/ family, writing on my blog, attending events, spending time with KD and preparing myself for my upcoming lectures next year since I am about to embark on another adventure in my life as a a Part Time Professor 🙂

As much as I can, I try to write everything down on my planner so that I don’t leave anything  pertinent out. 🙂 Just like when it comes to our habits of paying bills which are actually a necessity in our lives for us to continue using our daily conveniences like our electricity, our mobile phones and our water 🙂

Since I am not really that OC type of person who maintains control over everything, I try to jot down my due date for my mobile plan every month and try to pay my bills either at the APM (Automated Payment Machine) located in our office/ in other convenience store outlets a couple of days before my due date 🙂

In case you’re not familiar with the machine here’s a little lowdown on it:

“TouchPay is the Philippines’ only automated payment machine (APM) that is available to serve you wherever and whenever you feel like paying your bills. With over a thousand APMs available in prime locations all over the country, TouchPay provides fast and easy access to bills payment right at your fingertips.”

Check out the machine on the right side of the speaker. This was taken during the recently concluded Media Launch of TouchPay at the B Hotel in Quezon City.

Just a couple of weeks back, TouchPay’s Marketing Arm 3C’s decided to have a grand launch at the B Hotel in Quezon City. Partner Companies like GCash and Bayad Center were invited to witness the said event where a lot of media people and bloggers were present.

The event went on smoothly as they introduced what the TouchPay machine is all about, how it adds convenience to the normal bill payer by paying your bills anytime and anywhere since their machines are situated in various high foot traffic offices, malls, gas stations, convenience stores and call center outlets.

During the course of the program it was mentioned that the bills payment system of TouchPay is powered by Bayad Center a Meralco company and the premier bills payment platform in the country. With that,  TouchPay APMs are able to accept more than a hundred types of bills from utilities, telecommunications, cable, internet, insurance, and many more. This partnership assures the customers of the same convenience, security, and reliability that Bayad Center offers through its counters.

Bayad Center’s Marketing Head Mr. Labre, congratulates one of the lucky winners on their raffle prizes

During the event, various household bills from the Media Participants were brought onstage as Executives from Bayad Center picked out the lucky winners from the fishbowl during the Bills Mo, Sagot Ko raffle draw which was sponsored by Bayad Center.

3 lucky winners got their Meralco Bills paid that night! 🙂 Kudos again to the lucky winners! 🙂

Isse Litton was the Master of Ceremonies during that night. Together with her onstage was the (CEO and President of Bayad Center) Mr. Manny Tuason and to her right Mr. Wendell Labre (Bayad Center’s Marketing Head)

Time-saving, fast, easy, and accessible, TouchPay will be where you need it to be. Just proceed to the nearest gasoline station, bookstore, mall, or convenience store with TouchPay APMs for a trouble-free transaction.

Visit their website here for more details. 


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