New Year. New Me?

January had been a month full of changes. For some it begins with drafting their New Year’s Resolutions just like what they do every passing year. It spans from health goals, to fitness goals, goals to take up further studies or goals to find your soulmate in this busy and heartless world.

But for me, it’s just another year. Another new leaf on my book which I will turn as another year shall pass. It isn’t melodramatic nor am I pessimistic. Maybe I am just a realist. I guess I got tired of hoping every year that something big would come my way and change my life in ways I would not have expected. Because, truth be told nothing happens by accident. Whatever happens to you now has long been coming due to a series of your past actions and thoughts.

Got lost in the woods

Whatever you have achieved in your life wasn’t an accident, you worked your way through it. You hurdled the long hours of commute just to go to night class after work, you read self-improvemment books to help you sharpen the saw, you stopped yourself from making all those stupid mistakes that you kept repeating for all your past relationships and you stopped making excuses for your behavior and finally acted like a grown up woman taking on the responsibility of the real world.

This year, I do not intend on making New Year’s Resolutions. I would start by acting upon my other goals which was stalled due to other pressing priorities. As they say, life goes on and people move on.

Looking forward to being more focused on my goals, being more persistent until I get the result that I desire and to never give up despite the unfavorable circumstances that might come my way.

In line with this, I realized that as the New Year brings about renewed hope in all of us. We should also start by acting upon our goals, so what me and sister did was to get a new hairdo before another year finally commences.

OMBRE Mode on

We went to my go to Salon in Tomas Morato called Your Desire Salon. For more details check out the link here. They actually do a pretty good job when it comes to making you look good. It was by accident that I found this place via Metrodeal and I never went to other salons after that. Not only did they render my desired look but they also made suggestions as to the color and the cut of my hair which will accentuate my features and highlight my fair skin tone since I was really vying for the Korean look and aura.

Loving my new hairstyle

I just had a Brazillian Keratin Blowdry Treatment during my second visit since I just got my hair colored in their salon a couple of weeks back. I think that my strands had already suffered considerable damage due to the years of coloring , curling, ironing and other treatments. That’s why I ensure that my treatments are evenly spaced and that I get the rejuvenating treatment for my hair once in a while.

After getting my much deserved Keratin Hair Treatment, my strands became  considerably softer and smoother. I didn’t really had a hard time managing my tresses since it was easier to comb after I get out of the shower.

I was so happy with the results, that when KD’s Mom came over to visit I decided to treat her out to a mani-pedi-footspa session in the salon’s confines as well. Upon entering their staff would serve you with your choice of beverage. You can choose from either coffee, tea or water and then they would also offer you some of their In-Store Magazines which you can pore over while you’re having your treatment done. I brought my kindle with me since I anticipated that we would take quite some time due to the number of treatments that we would avail. All of us had the mani-pedi-footspa session and I also had my hair trimmed since I wanted to do away with the dead strands of my hair.

Here’s Tita enjoying her pedicure

Here are some more photos of our time in the salon.

Loving my new cut! 🙂 

KD was our resident driver during that day since we met up after his class and then headed to their condo to pick up his Mom and we went straight to the salon. Guess he kind of saw the fun that Tita Line and I was having while having our nails done that he opted to get a footspa as well.

I’m planning to don on some highlights for my hair. Yey or Nay? 🙂 Until the next post! 🙂

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