SkinCell Clinic Opens its New Clinic in Taguig

To be honest, Skincare wasn’t at the top of my priorities during my formative years. Back in the day I would just frolic under the sun without a care in the world as I played around with my friends and neighbors. However, times hav changed drastically and our skincare routine should now take precedence in our priority list.

Bad skincare can result in an unclear, porous complexion marked by acne scars and melasma. It’s harder to look good with bad skin since you have to double the effort in putting on makeup trying to conceal what’s under all that foundation. That is why I never sleep without rinsing my face of makeup and I consistently apply moisturizer and sunscreen on my skin upon waking up in the morning.

Our skin is our greatest asset 🙂

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How do you Remedy Stress?

Too stressed to get dressed? We all have various ways of handling stress in our daily lives. Some people opt to go out and eat to their heart’s content, some people are like me who indulges in deep tissue massages to unwind while some pore all their feelings and emotions into their blogs or Social Media Accounts to rant about the stresses they continuously face on a daily basis.

Me hitting the gym after a full day at work with my girl friends

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