Win Back your Health and Beauty with the WinBack Technology

Chronic lower back pain had always been a perennial problem for me. I have tried various treatments ranging from acupuncture to weekly massage sessions to applying ointments like the salonpass spray and menthol oils to give me that soothing cooling feeling afterwards. However, these treatments seem to have little effect or just a temporary effect and what I am looking for now is something that would give me a lasting effect.

I have tried some back exercises I saw on YouTube a couple of weeks back to make my lower body stronger however I think my body is still too weak to handle heavy lifting or strenuous activities. That is why when one of my friends JP told me about this new technology which can relieve my back pain and at the same time aid me in my weight loss journey I immediately signified my interest.

The Winback Treatment 


I blocked off one Saturday morning for my 30 minute session, reservations should be made in advance since their nurses are quite busy and are attending to various physicians in the clinic so an advance booking is a must. You can check out their facebook page here. 

The place is called Minute Healthcare found in the busy confines of Tomas Morato. It’s exact address is at  238 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila. It can also be found thru Waze so you can easily navigate your way to this place.

This is how it looks like from the outside. 

Upon arriving at the diagnostic center I told the front desk that I had an appointment with Liezel (the nurse) and she immediately ushered me to the room for me to change. I did the RF Procedure first since their Physical Therapist who would do the other procedure for my back was not available and since one of my pressing concerns also now is my weight as I am having a hard time losing and shedding these extra pounds.

This is how the bed looks like 

She would first ask you to take off all the metal objects in your body as the machine tends to use a high frequency current which is non-invasive and natural for the human body. The frequency range developed by WINBACK allows precise targeting of different tissue layers (muscles, joints, bones, etc.), working on deep-set and painful conditions which were previously unresponsive.

She would then brief you on the treatment and then get a tape measure to check the measurement of your body part which would be treated to know if the procedure was effective as she would also take the measurement of the same area after the treatment and would note the difference. In my case it was my arm circumference that she took.

During the start of the treatment it was at 33cm for both arms, she then began the treatment by asking me to lie down on the bed and then asking me to lift my arms as she moved the equipment back and forth my arm with varying heat intensities.

Some patients might not be that heat tolerant that’s why she would start it off at a low temperature. In my case I could tolerate until the heat temp was at 60 MHZ.


The Winback Machine


Me while the treatment was ongoing 

This went on for around 30 minutes or so as she spent around 15 minutes per arm. After drying off the cream, she would then measure again the circumference of your arm. After the treatment I noticed that my skin became quite tighter and firmer and I lost 3 cm off the original measurement of 33cm.

I am excited as to the outcome of this treatment if I keep doing this per week and I am also looking forward to trying out their physiotherapy treatment. Will keep you posted on my next session. 🙂

Me after the treatment 


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