Forever 21 launches its First Ever Brand Ambassadors

Summer is here and it starts now.  It has been a rocky, yet fun-filled past couple of weeks juggling my time between my newly launched side hustle and my recently concluded Block Screening for the much touted and awaited film in 2018: The Avengers Infinity War! 🙂 Good thing it was a success as more than 300 people showed up on the day of our screening and the outpouring of support to all those who joined in my online promotions was also something to be overwhelmed and happy about. Thank you to everyone who participated and who came to our event 🙂 Looking forward to more events like those.


Me and the girls donning on our happy faces after the successful block screening we hosted. 


So before I digress again about how my week went, let me first recount one of the most memorable events I went to a couple of days back. The Forever 21 Summer Collection 2018 Launch. 🙂


Being in the Corporate World for more than 7 years already, I have already gained significant insights from my peers regarding the power of Corporate Dressing or just showcasing your personality thru your own personal style. I used to follow certain trends or search Pinterest and frequent thrift shops and online stores to check out the latest pieces and styles.


Because fashion should not be forced  🙂 


Unfortunately, I had to learn it the hard way that style should not be enforced on you but it should reflect your personality and your emotions naturally. I struggled with ill-fitting pieces trying to fit them in my somewhat big-boned frame. It took me quite some time to realize that some things aren’t just meant to be and that I should go find my own personal style to celebrate my authenticity and show the world who I really am via my fashion and choice of clothes.


Because sometimes you have to go against the grain to find yourself


So just a couple of days back, I got an invite from one of the most fashion- forward brands in this country Forever21, the invite said that they would be launching something exciting this coming Saturday and I was more than ecstatic to head over to that event 🙂

Since it coincided with the day of our Company outing and the traffic coming in from Batangas was somewhat tolerable that day despite the scorching heat. I tried my best to book a ride heading to the mall as soon as our bus arrived safely in our Company premises.

I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun right? 🙂 Upon arriving at the venue, I saw all these models and event attendees donning on their carefully curated and styled outfits as everyone was like a model that day posing by the awesome booths that were styled that day.


Everyone was in top styl that day 🙂 


Cocktails and little appetizers were passed around as we watched Forever 21 unveil its newest brand ambassadors who gracefully and confidently strutted their way on the runway as they all took centerstage posing with their OOTD’s that day.


F21’s Newest Brand Ambassadors


The campaign was entitled #WeAreForever21 and is a global campaign which taps unique talents to represent the varied styles featuring its first ever Philippine Brand Ambassadors.

The event wanted to highlight the Filipino youth’s passion for both work and play and these ambassadors best represented the Filipino millennial who are known for their numerous passions and their ability to do them all so well while being stylish all at the same time.

Get to know these new Brand Ambassadors bettter as I give you a quick intro about each one:


Maika Rivera – A member of Girl Trends on ABS-CBN’s noontime show It’s Showtime, a model and a performer. Not only that, she’s a fine tennis player too!

Kamille Filoteo -Former PBB Housemate and also a member of Girl Trends. A fun-loving and stylish young mom who makes casual look cool with her OOTDs on-set, off-set, and on the beach!

Patricia Henson –  She is the perfect example of #lifestyle goals; a model, swimwear designer, entrepreneur, and photographer. Patricia effortlessly turns passions into opportunities while looking oh-so-good doing it.

Joaquin Manansala – Former TV commercial model and now a GMA artist. He is the newest hottie to keep an eye on.

Arianna Cowper – One of the most coveted models today, She is one ultimate cool girl we all wish we were best friends with. Giving us feed, OOTD, and travel envy, she’s a lifestyle inspiration rolled into one.

Helen Payawal – A Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty vlogger who exudes confidence!

Jhoana Maraguinot   She is a fearless female that makes sure she leaves a mark. Known as the top scorer of her team, this young student-athlete best represents the fire in the Filipino youth at work, school, or play.

Anton Asistio –  She is one sharp-looking sharp shooter. Having played for the Ateneo from his high school days as an Eaglet up to now as a Blue Eagle, Anton shows how staying focused on one’s dreams is what makes it a reality.

Carly Hernandez – She is a lady Tamaraw volleybelle and one of the best specialist to watch out for. Not only does she rake up points in each game — her style game is so on point, it won her a spot as one of the #WeAreForever21 ambassadors!

More about them and Forever21’s latest collection on FOREVER21’s Facebook and Instagram  pages.

There you have it! 🙂 All these fresh faces coming from various places. Share the love this Summer Season and check out their shelves for your top fashion picks:)

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