Got Myself Inked: My Embrow Experience

Some things are worth the RISK. I have been contemplating about it for quite some time now but I never had the courage to finally execute my plan due to my fear of needles and pain. However, upon learning from a friend that the procedure wasn’t really as painful as I thought, I tried to give it a go last Holiday 🙂 I finally got myself inked with a TATTOO 🙂 not those bad-ass tattoos you see on those prison break actors or those who are incarcerated behind bars but the cute ones for my brows 🙂


Applying my brow makeup usually takes me the most as I have to ensure that they are aligned and are somewhat symmetrical. I wanted to save myself from that chore every morning so I decided to finally do it. 


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Treat your Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner as Sunday is just a few days away and once again we reward the most important woman in our lives with the attention and the love that she deserves. Since our story is not a story of a traditional family, My Mom became the breadwinner and the Father Figure of our family after my parents separated when I was still in the grades.

She would be working the whole time trying to be frugal as much as she could so that she can provide the best education that she could afford for us. My song for her is actually the song “The Wind Beneath My Wings” as most of our achievements are credited to her hardwork and our GrandMother’s sheer determination to raise us into good people. Now that we are all grown up, its now time that we give back to our Mom’s this Mother’s Day. For those who still does not have an idea on what to gift your Mom’s,  Join us on Sunday, May 13 from 10 am – 8 pm at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center as we celebrate Amazing Moms through a fun event with Embrgasia.



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Pilipinas MindGuru: Offering Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Education is the greatest gift our parents can ever give us, that was the mantra that my Mom and my Grandmother instilled in us as children. They taught us that nothing beats the value of a good education since it would be your weapon to the outside world in surviving all the hurdles life may throw your way in the future.

Growing up, My Mom being a solo parent did her best in giving us the best that she can afford by enrolling us in the best tertiary school near our residence and making us join various summer workshops which would hone our skills beyond the four walls of the classroom. Me and my sister would usually dabble in piano classes, taekwondo, swimming and other Summer Enrichment Programs which can help us not only socialize but also hone our other skills like “Teamwork”, “Coordination”, “Balance” etc.


Mom always made sure that we did not miss out on a lot of opportunities that life gave us so she tried to maximize everything for us even with our scarce resources. 

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