Pilipinas MindGuru: Offering Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Education is the greatest gift our parents can ever give us, that was the mantra that my Mom and my Grandmother instilled in us as children. They taught us that nothing beats the value of a good education since it would be your weapon to the outside world in surviving all the hurdles life may throw your way in the future.

Growing up, My Mom being a solo parent did her best in giving us the best that she can afford by enrolling us in the best tertiary school near our residence and making us join various summer workshops which would hone our skills beyond the four walls of the classroom. Me and my sister would usually dabble in piano classes, taekwondo, swimming and other Summer Enrichment Programs which can help us not only socialize but also hone our other skills like “Teamwork”, “Coordination”, “Balance” etc.


Mom always made sure that we did not miss out on a lot of opportunities that life gave us so she tried to maximize everything for us even with our scarce resources. 


That was why when I first heard of the name MindGuru, I was piqued at the concept and I wanted to see for myself what the hype was all about so I went there to their place in Scout Borromeo and tried one session of their SEP (Sensory Enhancement) Workshop.

To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on alternative ways of learning so I just had to satiate my curiosity and research on this topic. What I found out was a plethora of online articles and researches backing up their claims in improving the brain’s capacity to its maximum capability.


The concept was fairly new to me and it was indeed an educational session when just last Saturday, Pilipinas MindGuru finally opened up its doors to its Media Guests and bloggers who not only enjoyed listening in to how their programs came about but they also got a sneak peek of how the actual workshop was held and facilitated.

Their office was conveniently located at the 3rd Floor of the AA Building in Scout Borromeo Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Q.C. During the introduction, Ms. Lot Nanong, Executive Director of MindGuru Inc. amiably welcomed the guests and briefed them about their Programs and Summer Offerings.


Me with Ms. Lot (The Executive Director of MindGuruu) and Pacquito (One of their Marketing Associates) 


Their top programs and packages were the REP and SEP which was short for the Retention Enhancement Program and Sensory Enhancement Program respectively.  It fosters and enhances further the mind’s natural ability to process and recall information as students who have gone thru the workshop demonstrate better performance at school and increased recall of the lessons they learned in the classroom. Their workshops can also be beneficial for adults who want to be calmer and more competitive in their upcoming board exams which they would be undertaking, as the workshops enhances the recall and improves the perception of their surroundings.


This is their colorful hallway where it houses their uniquely named rooms where their workshops occur



This is the room where their Customers listen to various auditory stimuli which enhances the auditory senses of their students. 


Guests were then treated to a sample workshop session to give them a general preview of how the classes were conducted and afterward took part in a socialization session with the staff of Pilipinas MindGuru for them to be able to ask the staff questions regarding their programs and other product offerings.


The staff of MindGuru after the half day seminar 🙂 



To know more about  Pilipinas MindGuru feel free to check out their newly launched Website at: http://mindguru.ph

Pilipinas MindGuru

Address : AA Building 3rd Floor #37 Scout Borromeo St.Brgy. South Triangle Q.C.

Mobile: 0917-8102895

Landline: 02-5348113

It was indeed a very enlightening and educational morning, I just wished there was already something like this when we were kids. But hey, it’s never too late right? 🙂

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