Promate Earphones, Your New ArmCandy

The past few weeks had been a blur of activities, from balancing my full -time job to attending to my clients for my new start up business to spending quality time with my friends and my family while trying to do my “adulting” tasks of opening up my own Insurance, all these while preparing for my upcoming birthday. It has been a whirlwind of activities but of course, I should never lose track of my priorities like keeping my bills paid on time and delivering on my pending items on my to do list.

Me driving on my way to work

How do I balance everything? By maximizing my time of course. With the surge of traffic nowadays I try to make the most of my time by keeping abreast with the latest news/ trends by listening to podcasts while on the way to work and since the speaker of my car is not functioning due to some mishap by the mechanic when I had my car repaired in Banawe. I had to contend with using my earphones everyday while I am stuck in traffic heading to work.

Despite my busy schedule I still try to keep abreast with the latest trends in the Metro while listening to my favorite podcasts on my phone. 

My earphones serve me well since I can listen to music, keep abreast of the latest trends via my podcasts or just entertain myself while doing my household chores/ daily tasks. However, I tend to be a scatter-brained person sometimes and due to that I keep my things just lying around which eventually leads me to lose my trusted earphones. 😦

It became a perennial problem for me since I usually keep misplacing my stuff which leads me to buy another set of earphones every time I lose my current pair. I stopped using my earphones since I did not want to spend anymore on a new set. That was until my friend Ron from WahPinas messaged me about this new gadget which I would not lose no matter what I do.

I was curious as to what it was so when the package arrived at our house, I was so ecstatic I opened it immediately.

Look what came in the mail today

This product not only serves as your handy earphones but also your arm candy for your everyday wear as its magnetic buds tend to add a cute accent to your wrist.

Check out my new arm candy. 

I was so happy with this new item that I got, that I immediately tried it on while streaming 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It’s sound quality was good as it was comparable to the headset that I was using before. I fell asleep immediately that night and when I woke up, I decided to bring it to me at work as part of my outfit 🙂

This innovative product can be found and purchased at the following outlets nationwide:

  1. Abeson
  2. All Home
  3. PCiNet Computer
  4. Workstation
  5. National Bookstore
  6. Digital Interface
  7. Perfect Shot
  9. Wilcon Department Store
  10. Lazada
  11. Shopee
  12. Globe
  13. Cubed Technologies
  14. Jargons Computer
  15. Abacus
  16. Electroworld

You can also order online via Lazada at

Promate is a digital lifestyle electronic accessory brand focused on delivering the most specialized and original electronic peripheral solutions for Smartphones, Tablets & laptops. Incorporated in the year 2008 and headquartered in Dubai, Promate Technologies has grown to become one of the largest & most awarded provider of accessories for portable devices and digital media. Globally, Promate has a huge market presence in Europe (United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Germany, Turkey), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru), Asia (India, Vietnam, Philippines), Australia & South Africa just to name a few.

Check out their Social Media Pages (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram )and their Website for more information on this product.

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