Exude the Healthier You with the WinBack Procedure

The past couple of months had been quite busy as we have already reached the middle of the year and it is that time of the year wherein Management usually checks how have your campaigns or your Marketing Initiatives performed and how they co-related to the sales targets projected at the start of the year.

With that said, if your sales are underperforming basing from the initial projections then now is the time for you to be more aggressive with your campaigns to increase the profit margins of your company.

Because sometimes we also have to take a breather in life and track how have we been doing with our goals.

It has been quite a grueling year for me but of -course at the end of the day, you have to go back to your main purpose and check how you have been doing with your pre-set goals at the start of the year.

During the start of 2018, I actually penned a couple of goals in my planner and one of those was the usual losing weight goal. However, as with every goal in order for me to reach it, I had to be consistent in all aspects and not only depend on one treatment to do the work for me.

Diet alone wouldn’t really do the trick for me so I decided to try other alternative treatments to help me with my goal.

The reception area

If you recall, I actually wrote about this treatment a few months back. Check out my post here.

I have finally decided to resume the work that I have started so I decided to come back again to have my progress tracked. 🙂

This is the machine that they use to tone your love handles and problem areas. 

First off, I started where I left off. As usual, they would weigh you first and then get the measurements of your love handles/ your problem areas. In my case it’s usually my thighs or my arms which usually has the most fat.

Notice how my arm looks so big in this photo. I think I look like Hercules in this photo except that my arms aren’t toned 🙂 hahaha. 

I would usually resort to stress eating hence, the significant weight gain this past few months.

After getting your measurements for your problem areas, they would then proceed with the treatment/procedure. Usually, the whole process takes around 30-45 minutes as they usually give you a glass of water first to ensure that you are hydrated before the treatment.

This was me while they were doing the procedure

Then they spend around 15 minutes per area depending on your heat tolerance. The heat usually ranges from 40-60KHz. They would then do a kneading-like motion on that area to focus the energy there.

Notice how my arms are firmer

The reason why they ask you to rehydrate first before the session is that this machine actually reduces water retention so they don’t want you to be dehydrated after the procedure as you would usually feel the urge to urinate after the session. WINBACK’s diathermic and circulatory effect has a direct action on all the storage areas (stomach, hips, thighs) and then evacuates deep-seated imperfections. A reduction in volume reduces the pressure on the hypodermis allowing the orange peel effect to fade. WINBACK is ideal for aiding slimming and deep-seated imperfections. (Source:Winback.Com)

After the procedure, the nurse would then ask you to sit down/ stand up depending on what position you were in during the initial assessment so that she can compare the changes after the procedure.

Raising my arm to see the change 🙂 

I went back again the next weekend to continue this treatment as I am usually just available on weekends due to work on the weekdays.

This time around I had my abdomen treated instead of my arms as they said that the results are more visible when done in the abdomen due to the increased pressure they can exert in this area. 

True enough after this session, I noticed a 3-4 cm loss from my original measurement. Basing from my initial visit to the clinic I must say that the procedure really does deliver results.

This was me before the treatment. Notice how my face was a little rounder here. 

After a couple of weeks, I noticed that my face got smaller and that my arms weren’t that big anymore.

This is me during our recently concluded Awards Night 🙂 

Notice in the latter photo how my face got smaller and my arms more toned 🙂


Aside from providing aesthetic benefits, what makes this machine special is also the rehabilitative benefits it can provide not only to athletes, senior women/ men but also to people who constantly experience pain in various parts of their body.

For more details on their packages, you can just proceed in their clinic at:  Minute Healthcare, 238 Scout Bayoran cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City. 

Contact Number: (02) 415 5094


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