Taking A Leap of Faith: JP’s Weight Loss Story

RISKS. If there is one word which clearly resonated with me this year, it is the word “RISK”.

This year taught me a lot about being honest with yourself, accepting yourself fully; flaws and all and making a pact with yourself to carry on and work on those areas which you need the most improvement on. No one is born perfect right? That’s what makes life so challenging, We are all on this journey to make the most of our life. To succeed in our chosen fields, to overcome the roadblocks life places along our ways.

In line with that, I recently met this guy, Mr. JP Samson, a few weeks back and during our two-hour chat in the posh lobby of Edsa-Shangrila I learned a lot about his personal struggles with his weight and how he constantly aims for a better life, not only for himself but for his loved ones as well.

This is JP, a 32-year-old entrepreneur who can hardly wear his shoes due to a large mass in his leg. When this photo was taken 4 months ago, he used to weigh around 264 pounds.  

JP is a 32-year old guy who manages his business on a daily basis. Born into a family of entrepreneurs I guess his aversion to taking risks is less than mine as he continually pushes on to find the right treatment or strategy to help him manage his weight and his lifestyle as well.

It was back in 2010 when it all started“, He tells me that due to his unhealthy eating habits and his lifestyle back in the day he kind of lost track of his weight and how it affected his overall productivity. He underwent a Gastric Bypass procedure back in 2010 in one of the premier hospitals in our country. He initially lost a few pounds but seemed to regain it after a few months time as he reverted back to his old eating habits.

He then tried this new diet called “COHEN” wherein they would prescribe a diet-plan for you based on your blood chemistry and profile. He tells me that this diet was even more effective for him than his surgery as he lost even more weight with this diet.

Eventually, he could not sustain the program and reverted back once again to his old eating habits. Hence, the weight gain once again. Dr. Dineros, pioneering doctor in Bariatric Surgery calls this the “Yo-Yo” effect wherein your body eventually regains its lost weight and you are going to have a harder time losing weight now as compared to a first-timer who wants to embark on a weight loss journey.

Dr. Hil Dineros, pioneering physician in Bariatric Surgery and Lifestyle Surgery discusses how he can help attain his desired weight with certain long-term lifestyle changes. 

During our chat, we were accompanied by Dr. Hil Dineros, pioneering physician in Lifestyle and Bariatric Surgery. He also happens to be the personal doctor of JP who consistently consults and watches over his program so that JP would not revert back to his old eating habits.

JP refers to him as the “Police”, wherein he strictly monitors his eating habits and patterns. Dr. Dineros introduces to us this new concept called “Lifestyle Surgery” wherein you have to achieve that certain balance in all aspects of your life. Not just the physical but also the emotional, spiritual and your overall well-being to attain your desired goal.

JP got acquainted with Dr. Hil from one of this uncles and he never looked back since their fateful meeting.

This overarching approach to healthcare makes Dr. Hil, the go-to person for those who want a long-term and sustainable solution to their lifestyle woes. JP tells me that because of his innate fear of needles and anything intrusive, he avoids the hospital setting at all costs and would prefer to have their consultation sessions held at the Chi-Spa in Shang, wherein Dr. Hil, also happens to be their Health Ambassador espousing the concept of holistic wellness and achieving inner peace within yourself. He keeps this “Health Diary” wherein all the lessons that he learns from this top-notch doctor are jotted down in this notebook.

The swimming area of Edsa Shang, where they usually hold their consultation sessions 
Another venue where they would usually chat about his progress is inside the posh-halls of this well-lit place called the “Chi-Spa” 

Despite all the accolades and International certifications that Dr. Hil has, he remains very down to earth and grounded in his core values up to this very day. He wants to continue his advocacy of teaching more people this concept of “Lifestyle Surgery” which is the most sustainable program when it comes to losing weight in the long run.


This approach veers away from all those short-term quick fixes in our lives that most of us usually revert to. This approach teaches us discipline, control, self-awareness and most of all acceptance of our flaws and limitations and finally embarking on the road to continuous self-improvement.


Learn more about this program here.




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