Something Niu at Niu Buffet Podium!

The past few weeks had been grueling and taxing for me as I have been working on a lot of things. Aside from my regular job I have also started working on this new passion project of mine wherein I along with some of my friends are currently developing an app combining all my passions into one platform. So excited for this to launch! 🙂
Aside from that, I have also been busy with my own side-hustle and another business venture with some of my close friends, more on this in another post.  Just like how the old adage goes “Find something that you love doing and you would never have to work a day in your life”. 
I guess dreams do come true if we just have the will to pull through our goals. 


I have also been reading a few good books keeping tabs on what’s new in the scene like the CRA Trilogy. I just had to watch it in the cinemas to check how it paled to the book and so far, it did not disappoint since the ending was way better than what I had expected. (SPOILER ALERT).
I digress, so going back to the things that I love doing, blogging would still take the number one spot on my list 🙂 So just last week, I was invited by my friend Cate to check out this newly opened establishment inside the posh halls of the Podium. Of course, I would not miss this for the world since not only is the location in close proximity to my workplace the time was also very favorable since it came after work. 🙂 So after I finished my scheduled tasks for the day, I immediately drove to the Podium to attend this foodie event 🙂
Checking out this newly opened joint located on the 5th Floor of the Podium 🙂 
Since the other foodies were unable to attend, Cate and I got a headstart on the buffet spread while we both waited for our SO’s to join us for dinner. I went around the vicinity first taking in some photos of the plated dishes which caught my attention 🙂
Loved these succulent prawns as large as my fingers 🙂 
There were also mussels and baked oysters set on the shelves
The salad bar was also a treat for my palate as I enjoyed checking out the various dips and sauces that came along with the different toppings 
The desserts were also to die for as a lot of my favorites were also on display that night
These cute buns caught my attention immediately. I just had to take a snapshot before I indulged myself into these sweet treats. 
Since this branch is fairly new as it just opened last August 14, 2018. Everyone wanted to get a piece of the pie and check out this newly opened joint. With its posh and opulent vibe and plush interiors which were well thought out. Families celebrating special occasions would surely pick Niu as one of their options when choosing a venue to celebrate their life’s milestones.
Cheers to life’s milestones 
Not only is it spacious but their menu offers a smorgasbord of dishes which would leave you full and satisfied 🙂
Thank you for the invite Cate 🙂 
Check out their rates below 🙂
Adult Weekday Lunch: 938 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekday Dinner: 1,438 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 1,438 (+5% service charge)
Kids below 3 ft: FREE
Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 308 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 408 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft – 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 408 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekday Lunch: 618 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekday Dinner: 718 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft – 4 ft 6″ Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 718 (+5% service charge)
*Prices are subject to 5% service charge.
Fifth Floor, The Podium, 
ADB Avenue, Ortigas, 
Mandaluyong City
02 8454647

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