Stockpile Launches their New Dishes

Thank God for days off! 🙂 That is my mantra for today as I filed for a day off from work to attend to my errands which needs my immediate attention and action as the days pass by so quickly.

Of course, even though my days are mostly filled with various activities here and there I should not forget relaxing and indulging myself in the things I love doing the most like blogging and food photography. So when the opportunity came to blog about this reputable food joint near my office I immediately confirmed my attendance and signified my interest in attending this dinner.

The restaurant is located inside Sapphire Block where quality food establishments abound 🙂 I love eating in Sapphire Block as the quality of the food always passes my standards and you can converse with your friends all night long as the establishments close at a later time than the usual.

Always make time to do the things that you love doing 🙂 

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Rappo Philippines brings in New Gadget Line-Up

First off, before I start with this blog post I would like to apologize for the lack of blog posts and write-ups during the past few months. I guess blogging took a back seat for me this whole 2018 as I became more involved in other things like our ongoing activations, my work projects, my side hustle which I want to focus on in the next few months, going out with my friends who are migrating to another country and doing some errands like fixing my travel documents for an upcoming travel outside the country.

Me and Claudine during one of our recently concluded runs. 

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