Tints of Nature: A Healthier Way For Your Locks

Around 2 weeks ago, I was invited to attend one of the events in Robinsons Magnolia wherein they would be conducting a workshop on how to color and treat your hair with this new hair color brand without the harsh after effects or usual ammonia content that most hair coloring products contain.

Tints of Nature_v1b A4 Poster_Healthy Hair HORM
This was the E-Invite sent in to my email. Loved the minimalist look and feel of this e-invite!

Since I didn’t have work during the weekends and I am also expecting our first bundle of joy in a few months. I am very careful and usually take utmost precaution with regards to the products that I use on my skin, body and hair. That’s why it was very timely that the invite to check out the hair workshop of Tints of Nature to be held in one of the store outlets of Healthy Options fell on a Saturday just hours before our OB Check-Up.

Me before heading out to the event. I missed blogging bigtime! I guess when you really like doing something out of passion even though you get preoccupied with life, it seems to always find its way back to you in one way or another. 

For those like me who aren’t really keen on this brand, the Tints of Nature brand is a UK based haircare and hair colouring brand which is made from natural ingredients in the New Forest.

Perfect for those Health Conscious, Pregnant or Nursing Mom’s who still want to look good and feel great without compromising the health of their baby;  As their brand espouses an all natural ingredient content in all their products as well as it being paraben and sulphate free.

Discussions were led by their Top Hair Expert Cloe Hazell, who flew in from the UK to demonstrate to us how easy it was to use their wide array of hair care products. 

2 Models who came from the audience were also used to demonstrate to us the ease of use of their products. After shampooing and applying the treatment on your hair for only 30-45 minutes the color of your choice would automatically be visible on your strands.

This was the finished product in one of the models, since she just wanted a subtle yet adventurous highlight to her look, she opted for the purple hue of the Hair Dye. 
Before choosing a hair color fit for your face and skin tone, they would make you check out the various swatches and colors from their palette to ensure that you would get the look and color output that you opted for. This one is the palette for the “Bold Colors Hue” 

Samples of their leave on conditioner as well as their shampoo bottles were being passed around the audience as discussions were ongoing for us to try and smell out the fruity scent of their products.

Me taking a selfie after the event. Notice, my black roots showing up already? 

I also tried out their shampoo and conditioner after the event and so far after having tried it out for 2 weeks now the results were amazing! My usual brittle and unkempt hair after showering now isn’t that brittle when I comb through it after showering.

The scent of the shampoo and the conditioner also lasts a long time as I could still smell it hours after washing my hair.

Now admittedly, the shampoo doesn’t lather up like a regular shampoo would that may contain Sulphates. But it does still have a pretty decent lather and my hair and scalp did feel clean after using it.

Because it’s made with Aloe Vera I found that it felt very soothing on my scalp and once my hair was dry it didn’t feel stripping at all. The conditioner had a creamy texture and was easy to comb through the hair and to rinse out afterwards.

This is me after trying out their Dark Brown Hair Dye for my roots just subtle enough to match my highlights.  

I also tried out their Dark Brown Hair Dye for my roots wherein I wanted a more subtle and natural looking dye to match my highlights and just to mask that ombre look a little, since my roots were already growing out and I wasn’t a big fan of that whole ombre look which looked like I had a nest growing in my hair.

Overall, it was a good experience on my end, I would definitely purchase more tubs of their Shampoo and Conditioner as this makes my hair look more fuller and easy to manage especially in the morning before rushing off to work and after finishing off the household chores in our condo once my husband leaves for work.

Check out their other colors in their various store locations throughout the Metro:

Healthy Options Stores

and let me know  how your experience goes! Happy Monday!

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