AIM MBM ’95 to hold first-ever Notables at AIM speaker series

Just last week, I got invited to this very insightful and interesting event spearheaded by The Asian Institute of Management ( AIM ) Master of Business Management ( MBM ) Batch 1995.

The Event was called “Notables at AIM”, a nontraditional speaker series hosted by an array of luminaries with expertise and insight on relevant topics. Thought leaders and captains of industry are invited to engage not only with the AIM community but with the public in attendance as well. The speaker series kicked off last Thursday, November 28 at the Fuller Hall, AIM, Makati City.


The event’s goal and mission was to spearhead intelligent discourse regarding controversial issues plaguing our country nowadays and in line with that thought, the organizers saw it fitting to invite as their first featured speaker the first openly transgender woman elected to the Congress of the Philippines, Geraldine Roman, who has snagged headlines for her bold efforts in advocating for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights. The Bataan representative’s talk will focus on equality and Gender inclusivity in the society.


The discourse throughout the night turned out to be very interesting as the audience was very engaged during the course of the whole discussion asking relevant questions and our speaker on the other hand fielded all these questions fluidly.


To be honest, this talk reminded me of the Ted Talks that I used to watch on YouTube wherein various Thought Leaders and Key Opinion Leaders from the different facets of society were invited to share relevant insights on the industry that they are most expert in. The exchange of ideas were also very notable and interesting as questions from various demographic segments and age groups were entertained throughout the night. Topics that were touched on involved allowing Males in all Exclusive Female Schools, The Conduction of a “Femininity” Test to determine your Gender Proclivity and the ever controversial subject of “Religion” and their stance on the issue of the third gender.

Coming from an all exclusive school back in the grades until my secondary schooling, this talk made me more accepting and sensitive to the feelings of other people around me since some of our prized institutions are now accepting enrollees from the opposite gender. I guess times have really changed and that change is the only constant thing in this world. We must either learn to adapt or else we would be left out with all the advancements and thought provoking ideas continuously happening in our status quo these days.

Looking forward to more events like these in the near future spurring intellectual discourse and making the youth more open and knowledgeable about these controversial topics plaguing our society in these times. After the event, I went to Ateneo Rockwell to meet up with the hubby and our friend Kevin to discuss the forum on Digital Technology that they also attended at the Ateneo Professional Schools where all of us took our MBA’s.

After the event I headed out to meet with the Hubby and our friend Kev, who just happened to finish also another conference regarding the Technological Advances in Digital Medicine spearheaded by one of their batchmates in the MBA Health Program.  

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