Bohol tourist driver wins ‘Pinoy Tsuper Hero’ 2019

Just a few weeks back, I was invited to witness the awarding ceremony of this nationwide competition pioneered by ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation and Phoenix Petroleum Philippines in collaboration with the Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development.

Since I was pretty much free during that day and I was already within the vicinity of the area I decided to check out this event. Who knows right? It might be something worth my while. I got to the ABS-CBN Production Studios just in the nick of time coming from a  nearby hotel in Quezon City after a late luncheon event. Ms. Helen, their Media Relations Manager as well as Ms. Ems from their Media Relations Team were very welcoming and accommodating throughout the whole event.

Some snippets of the contenders past TV Guestings 

Upon entering the stadium, I noticed that the Top Executives of the sponsoring Companies were all dressed to the nines. We were shown videos as to how the selection process was done, what transpired during the course of the whole Competition and the lives that these “Drivers” had before deciding to venture out into the unknown and joining in this competition with the hopes of a better life for their loved ones and families.

To be honest, I wasn’t really keen on this show but hearing all these authentic stories coming in from various people from all walks of life made me realize how fortunate I was experiencing all these opportunities that was laid in front of us. It’s Showtime Host Kim Atienza as well as VJ Ai Dela Cruz from the Myx Channel served as the masters of ceremonies during that eventful night.


Augusto “Gus” Pascual, a native of Tagbilaran City, bested his other contenders and took home an accumulated P145,000 cash prize, a brand new vehicle, P50,000 worth of Phoenix Petroleum fuel,  lubes products and a livelihood package sponsored by Super Phoenix LPG and Posible.Net as the PTH grand champion. He would also be serving as the official Phoenix Petroleum Ambassador for one year.

Upon delving further as to the purpose of this competition, I learned that this Competition was actually an advocacy program created for the protection of the environment and to develop more cohesive Filipino families and communities. The program aims to bring out the “superhero” in every driver and promote driving as a noble profession.

The Grand Champion Gus Pascual in utmost jubilation upon garnering the top prize in this competition

This competition actually puts these drivers in a new light veering away from the usual, stereotypical image of drivers who are rude, condescending and undisciplined. Throughout the course of this voyage, they were judged according to how well they pitched their Business Plans for their Community, What Past Projects have they done to benefit their hometown which showcases their leadership abilities and how they fared in the trainings and lessons given to them such as Financial Literacy, Road Safety, Environmental Protection and Defensive Driving.

Hoping that more companies can follow suit the example that these Companies  established to uplift the image of our drivers and give them hope in their continuous plight for a better life.

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