Quarantine Life Updates 2020

It’s been almost 7-8 months since the lockdown started, how have you been? How’s your mental health been doing as of late? 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, not only were we shaken up from our comfort zones but we were also isolated from our friends, family members and co-workers who we used to chat up and catch up everyday at work.

This 2020 had been a very surreal year for us from giving birth to Kaeden last January wherein I had an emergency CS procedure done due to my blood pressure rising up, which can be attributed to my anxiety and nervousness as a first time Mom. My OB from St. Lukes decided to just cut me up instead for a smoother delivery so that my blood pressure would stabilize and my baby would be out safely. Of course, that’s the end goal right? For the baby to come out safely.

February had been a total adjustment phase for me as I struggled to breastfeed my little one while managing to navigate being a wife and a newly minted Mom. Since it was my first time doing all these things on my own, I tried to read as much books as I could about the subject of being a Mom and how best to tend to your little one like bathing him, changing his diapers, pumping milk and increasing your milk supply. However, I guess one of my regrets in being a Mom was not being able to fully breastfeed him since my milk supply wasn’t that overflowing and Kaeden was a little impatient whenever he didn’t receive his ration of milk for that hour. I switched him up to formula really quick and from then on he continued on with his formula as his main source of nutrition.

March 2020, was when I started working again and going back to the Corporate route, as you might have recalled it was way back during the tailend of 2018 when I quit my full-time, stable Corporate job to risk it and build my own start-up from the ground up.

It was a gamble I was willing to take since I didn’t really have much obligations during that time cause I was still single and was only tending to my personal needs while growing the business. To be honest, I learned more in the past 9 months that I was handling the business than with all my work experience in the Corporate setting combined since it was a different ball game out there. It will really test your mettle and your grit as a person.

Some of the sample ads that we have made for our clients.

I am really thankful to our clients for the opportunity that they gave us to manage and curate their Social Media Pages and Online handles. It was a good learning experience for me and I would continually learn to hone my skill set to be better at my craft while keeping up to date on the latest trends in the Industry.

So going back to March 2020, I started working again for an IT Consulting Firm based in SFO, California. It took the referral of my good friend from MBA to land this job and for that I am very thankful. I have also started another online business, wherein I research on the trending items which are in demand and resell it in various Online Marketplaces, trying to experiment with the correct product- market fit by boosting some ads online and checking out which ones generate the most engagement and making the much needed tweaks and adjustments in the target audience or demographics. I still need to work on my processes though to make it more organized and scalable.

It’s almost the tailend of the year 2020 once again and despite being on a lockdown for the past couple of months, I must say that it made me realize a lot of things like learning to be thankful for what really matters (Your Family, Your Career, Your friends and Your Faith). These are the things that get me going at the end of everyday and challenge me to be more and do better. Get yourself a good support system and have faith in yourself that things will eventually pan out and will work out. Give yourself a breather from time to take and don’t be too hard on yourself. As long as you don’t give up, there will always be a silver lining at the end of every hurdle.

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