Say Goodbye to Hair Damage with Haircare’s Newest Rice Oil Essence Trend

Being stuck at home on most days due to the pandemic and with all those social distancing protocols enacted by the Government has left us with no choice but to pivot and adjust our daily patterns to make working from home convenient and hassle free for all of us.

All the things that we were all used to were now upended and were left in disarray. To be honest, I for one, have learned a lot of things this pandemic. From not knowing anything in managing a household to actually paying for our household expenditures, the salary of our help, taking care of the daily essentials like the cost for our laundry (since we live in a condo space), the cost for our electricity and water usage and other extracurricular costs that may come about. #Adulting is definitely real.

From shopping for myself to now shopping for household items and baby toys, even my Online Purchases took a different route. With that said, the Beauty Community and Businesses in general also had to adjust their strategies, coming up with more sound marketing strategies and enhancing their products to strengthen their product market fit and cater to the demand of the changing consumer behaviors.

Who would have thought that the food we eat 3x a day would be the newest trend that’s about to take over the beauty shelves, especially the hair care section?

Enter, rice oil — the underrated hair beauty secret of ancient Japanese women, and now Filipinos are bound to experience its powerful benefits.

So what really is rice oil? Here’s a quick briefer for those who don’t know what this product is all about.
The age-old secret to beautifully long hair comes from the 2000-year old Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair. For thousands of years, East Asians have taken advantage of this superfood’s high concentration of vitamin E and have been using it since to maintain their luscious long hair. The gold colored concentrate comes from the outer brown husk of grain. The abundance of vitamin E in rice oil can help reduce inflammation and reverse damage to the hair follicles. It can also act as a natural UV protectant, shielding strands from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure.

If you’ve been dealing with limp, brittle, dry, and damaged hair — a shampoo with rice oil essence might just be what your hair needs.

Pantene took the hair game up a notch by extracting and distilling rice oil essence extracted in Wakayama, home to the Aragi-jima Rice Terraces to create a more potent ingredient, blended with Pro-Vitamin formula.

So Long Damage, Hello Damage-free Strands with Pantene Long Hair Solutions!
The New Pantene Long Hair Solutions with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence can help you grow your hair long without worrying about damage. This new Pantene shampoo is rich in Tocotrienol—a super Vitamin E, which has 50X anti-damaging benefits versus tocopherol in other oils. What does that mean? Pro-Vitamin B5 and Lipids fortify the inside, while Japanese Rice Oil Essence fortifies the outside. It ultimately repairs damaged hair and keeps it protected from external factors, allowing the hair to grow longer, stronger, and beautifully smoother.

Now you can say goodbye to hair damage, without worrying about growing it out with the New Pantene Long Hair Solutions with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence! After shampooing, you can follow it up with Pantene Total Damage Care Miracle Conditioner that helps prevent protein loss and protects hair from damage caused by frequent styling and chemical treatments so you can enjoy stronger, silky-smooth long hair!

You can purchase these finds at Pantene’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.

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