A Lookback on 2020, The Year that was.

It’s the last vacation day for me as we resume work again tomorrow morning, or in my case later at 4am EST which is around 1pm PST in San Francisco, CA since the Company that I am working for is based there.

A lot of things had been swirling through my mind as of late, as I constantly question my purpose and my overall direction in life. From being an immature, self-centered single lady who just went with the flow and pushed further to reach her goals no matter what it took, to now being a Wife, Home Manager, Employee, Entrepreneur and a newly minted Mom.


I admit that I still have a lot of learning to do especially when it comes to compromising, managing a household and being a Mom. To be honest, I do not even have all those master chef skills that you see on TV. But, I am making a resolution to at least give it a try and try to learn a thing or two about whipping up a sumptuous feast and surprise my family for once with my cooking even though I don’t really have that innate talent for it. 

So before I get lost again and off track, let me walk you through how these months have been for all of us here as we embark and welcome another new year ahead of us!

January 2020, was the month that I gave birth to our little bundle of joy, Kaeden Louis, TBH, I have never really thought of myself becoming a Mom but now after being with him for almost a year already, I can say that motherhood grew on me and that I found a new purpose in life, which is to work and hustle harder to provide him with the best life possible. At least, somewhat at par or even greater than what my Mom and Grandmother gave us.

February 2020, still reeling from my first surgical operation which is my caesarean section brought about by my constantly elevated and fluctuating blood pressure, my OB decided to take extra precaution with me and suggested that I undergo a CS instead of our original planned NSD. So at exactly 4am come January 19, 2020 which was also coincidentally the natal day of my Mom In Law, Kaeden came into this world. I could hear their voices while I was in the Operating Room and felt a slight pressure when they were trying to extract Kaeden from my womb. The next thing I knew, I was already being wheeled into my room where all of my family was waiting for me to welcome our new bundle of joy.

The procedure was generally painless from the get go but of course, as with all surgical operations the aftermath is when you will feel the most pain. So for the whole second month of the year, I was just focused on healing my body and adjusting my mindset to this new role in my life.

March 2020, come March, I was already slightly getting better and started looking for work opportunities online, since I didn’t really like the long commute driving to and from work which was my life for the past 7-8 years that I was working in the Corporate World. I got in touch again with one of my good friends from my MBA course and he referred me to this Company based in Silicon Valley where he was also employed with. So after an initial interview and a discovery call with the Philippine Country Lead , a second round ensued with my current boss and the rest was history.

April-July 2020, came as a blur to us since the Government declared a National Lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic which emanated from China and was considered a global threat already as so many people have already been infected and those who were highly at risk, senior citizens, minors and those who had other co-morbidities were mostly the ones who bore the brunt of this virus the most; as a lot have already passed on due to this virus. June was my natal month, and in lieu of that, I started thinking of ways to append my income since I was mostly just at home, so I thought of starting my own sourcing start-up SourcedbyLou , this is where I source for in demand and enticing products and sell it on my shop. This business has significantly helped me append my current income especially during the BER months when a lot of orders came in, due to the surge in demand for personalized products as gifts and Company giveaways.

August- November 2020

Celebrations were in tow since August was the birth month of my Father in Law, so KD reserved a private dining space for all of us (Immediate Family only) , due to the social distancing protocols at the upscale Gallery by Chele restaurant located in BGC. It was a fine dining set-up and I must say, for someone who loves food so much that their menu was worth it despite the higher price point for their servings. I think with their premium ingredients, the plating and presentation not to mention their superb customer experience all added value to it which gave justice to its prices.

We also celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in the lush, cool mountains of Antonio’s in Tagaytay and before that delicious dinner fare, I also treated KD to lunch in Balay Dako, which was a memorable place for us as this was where our wedding reception was conducted. So many of our guests loved the food selection which KD carefully hand-picked. I loved every detail of our intimate wedding celebration, I just wished we were more liquid back then so that we could have invited over all our closest friends and flew in those who were abroad. But nonetheless, it was a very heartwarming, intimate and perfect celebration for me since most of those who we invited all came to show despite the out of town drive and the gloomy weather which presented itself a few days back.

November 2020, was when we planned our annual get together trip with our second family/ KD’s core group from Medical School and their SO’s. We booked an AirBnb in Tagaytay and the boys, namely the Dineros brothers both took it upon themselves to conjure and whip up a mouthwatering meal plan for the next 3 days. Everyone pitched in for their share in the overall expense, each of us had to shell out 3k more or less to cover for the cost of the food and the lodging.

During the 1st night, they invited over a friend, and a fellow doctor who jammed with the group and surprised us all, since he happened to be a crooner as well. All of us, had fun listening to the songs they played and exchanged life updates before hitting the sack to call it a night.

Come the second day, we planned for a more laid back surprise baby shower for one of our girls, Cass who is about to give birth early this year. Me and Tin, coordinated with each other on the overall décor of the place and the prizes for the games. We have been doing this coordinating and planning of programs/ games for the past 3 years now during their annual gatherings. It adds more spice, fun and banter than the usual drinking and catching up. Overall, it was a delighting experience as the boys and girls all released their competitive streak participating in the games. Building up their own “plastic balloon babies”, playing charades and guessing the right person basing on their baby photos.

December 2020, The fam decided on a more low-key and relaxing celebration for this year’s festivities due to the strict quarantine measures which are still in place. So we just opted to spend the Holiday season in a staycation up in the chilly mountains of Baguio where we just slept in, ate good food and listened in to the outdoor program which transpired during our Noche Buena at the Manor Hotel outdoor patio. It was also a breath of fresh air for Kaeden, since he mostly just grew up here in the condo over the course of the past few months being in isolation. 2020, was the year we were all forced to adapt and pivot outside our comfort zones. As we face another year ahead, I cannot wait to see what exciting opportunities are lined up for us this coming year.

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