Top 5 Realizations thus far..

This 2021, I am getting rid of a lot of old photos on my phone, deleting them in my internal memory and uploading them to my cloud drive so that my phone wouldn’t be cluttered with various photos throughout the years and also to make way for new memories and photos this 2021.

So before I digress again, let me let you in on my thoughts as we embark on another new year ahead.

2020 made me evaluate better my priorities in life and where I should go from there. I realized that above everything else, health should always come first because how can you progress to your other goals when your health is slowly deteriorating right? Another thing that we should always keep in mind is that our family will always be there for us through the good, bad and the ugly.

They said that what you do on the 1st day of the year would reflect how you would be spending the rest of your year. So last January 1st, I spent it with the people who mattered to me the most which is my family, did a lot of reading on various topics that came to mind and mostly just scribbled away my thoughts on my journal as to what my goals would be for the year ahead. I guess, that would be my overall outlook for 2021, I wouldn’t really have any high expectations since we don’t know what curveballs life may throw our way but of course, being the resilient people that we are, we should strive to learn, cope and adapt to new skills and be open to opportunities that might come our way.

That said, here are some of the 5 Things I learned thus far in my 3 decades of existence in this world.

  1. Find your passion
  2. Innovation is the way to go
  3. Health is Wealth
  4. Know your tribe
  5. Invest in long term assets

Find your passion, know that saying that when you love what you are doing, it doesn’t really seem like work at all? This year, I will be more consistent in drafting blog posts in my blog which I have neglected for the past few years or so. What started just as a requirement for one of my electives in my MBA class soon developed into a passion, a hobby and something that I really like doing. So despite what others may say, this is my own personal space and I would continue to carry on and write whatever it is that I want to write on my blog.

Attending blogging events back in the day and covering stories for press launches were something that I really looked forward to. Not only do we get to experience something new and learn another thing or two but we also meet new people along the way and who knows? Lifelong friendships could actually form from there. Some of those that I have met through my blogging days are still good friends up until this day.

Innovation is the way to go, if we do not learn to adapt and just stick it out with our outdated beliefs we might soon be obsolete and forgotten. As AI and other machine learning initiatives are breaking ground what separates us from other machines is that innate compassion, human connection and our ability to critically think and learn new skills to append our income or to just add a thing or two to our ever growing skills. This year, I plan to be more intent on learning how to cook, probably learn how to edit videos, be better in Online Marketing and write better articles for my own brand and my employer.

Health is Wealth, after getting a c-section when I gave birth to Kaeden, being confined in the hospital for getting infected with Covid and being left to wait it out for 5 hours in the parking lot adjacent to the emergency room of St. Lukes BGC, while we wait it out for the results of Kaeden’s blood test since he had intermittent high-grade fever and consistent vomitting for the past couple of days. I realized, how we should sometimes just slow down and breathe. Take account of our mental and physical health and try to do everything in your power to stay healthy. This year, I have been more consistent in taking my daily dose of vitamins and eating more greens to add to our diet to help us strengthen our immune system.

Know your tribe, I didn’t really buy into that idea of post-partum depression until it finally hit me. After giving birth, being jobless at that time since our start-up wasn’t really doing well, and having no help at home left me wondering how to navigate being a homemaker (from doing the laundry, overall cleaning, ironing and tending to the baby; I have such high respect for those Mom’s who manage running a household without help; it really is no easy task), a nanny to my baby and how to help append our household budget while working from home. I felt insecure about my scar, my weight gain, my thunder thighs, flabby arms and my double chin. I realized that I might never be as stick-thin as those models or influencers that we see on TikTok or on IG and that I just have to contend with this mom-bod until I get better and my scar fully heals. With all the uncertainties and the new experiences flooding me at that point, I was thankful to all those who constantly checked up on me, girl friends, my MIL and fam who supported me and assisted me in taking care of my newborn at that time and to KD for covering for our household expenditures during that time when I had no income.

Invest in long term assets

A few nights ago, I was asking KD as to what I can invest on if I had some spare cash. Since I noticed that my savings garnered negligible interest in my account and I didn’t really want to put it in a time deposit account since I already have that and I also have a retirement plan which I got from another insurance company. So he suggested that I should invest in myself and finally get a head start with my scents/ customized items business since I have been experimenting with it last year and already made some samples of. Aside from that, I am also working with my new website for my online shop and constantly reading up on trends so I can be more efficient in my day job.

Looking forward and onward to the coming months ahead. 🙂

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