Planning for your Baby’s Birthday and some tea..

They said that nothing great ever comes out from being easy and that good things never came out of comfort zones. The past few days, I have been feeling a little under the weather, it’s like all my motivation to carry on has been lost and went out the window. Maybe it’s because we constantly compare ourselves despite not really meaning to, to what we see on social. People buying this and that at such a young age. Achieving that house, that car and getting to do whatever it is that they want any time of the day. That’s why I decided to just unfollow those accounts for my mental sanity.

That said, I’ll just be focusing on my own personal journey and keep on doing whatever it is that makes me happy which is writing, reading, spending time with people who are closest to me and working on my passion project which is coming up with personalized items and opening up a small scale tea place in the province.

For the next few months, I plan on doing a monthly mental health check up on myself to see how I am doing. I think we can all use a breather sometimes and take into account how we have really been the past few days or so. It gives us time to focus on what really matters and keeps us on track with our goals.

I can’t believe that it is almost the second half of the month already and my LO’s 1st birthday bash is coming up soon in a few days/ weeks time! It’s been a surreal ride and I can’t wait to see how everything will all unfold in the coming years. But for now, let me relish and enjoy all those moments while he is still a baby and document his milestones, no matter how menial they might be.

Took this photo of him last December before we held our Company Christmas party via Zoom and before he went to his monthly pedia check-up wherein he was already due for another round of vaccinations.

That said, I am really thankful to have a supportive fam in helping me out with the overall planning and styling of Kaeden’s birthday bash. I have listed in here some of the steps to make planning a breeze and help you manage the stress which comes with every event.

  1. Stick to a Budget, Since I wanted to save on the costs, we halved the tasks and costings between us 4 (Me, Mom, my sister and KD). So KD, was in charge of securing the venue and the food for this event. Meanwhile, all the other details were already up to us 3 (Me, Mom and my Sister).
I’m not really sure if this works for everyone, but to keep things according to budget and more organized, I created this spreadsheet where all the costings and needed items to procure are there as well as the key people involved in the planning to maintain accountability.

2. Coordinate, I also made a Messenger Group, where we keep everyone posted on the status of our deliverables like the host, venue etc. so that everyone is in the loop on the developments of the party and can already move forward with the other items on hand.

3. Delegate, play according to your strengths, since I think my strength is scouting for affordable suppliers and overall project management. I spearheaded creating a group chat with all the assigned parties involved. I also added them to the spreadsheet I made and sent the photo pegs I had in mind to my sister who is in charge of the overall look and styling of the place. This was the same during our wedding, wherein I drafted the whole program flow for the host to follow, selected the songs the band would play and coordinated with my MIL and our Godmother on the overall theme and styling of the venue. Having a team/ supportive tribe allows you to breathe more and makes things more easier for everyone.

4. Enjoy, during an event a lot of things can go wrong or not according to plan, like in our wedding there was heavy downpour the night before and I had to settle the church fees and drop in on the reception venue to give the giveaways to the person in charge of our program a few hours before the ceremony took place. Since it was an out of town/ destination wedding going back and forth the place isn’t really that practical so it’s best to list down all your things to do from the get-go to avoid last minute hassles and stress. Once, you are there in the event, it’s time to let go and just enjoy the night. You are there with your closest friends and families celebrating a special milestone and that for me is enough to just enjoy the party.

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