Top Lessons We Can All Learn from Netflix’s Start-Up Kdrama

I really haven’t had that much time to watch other Kdrama’s as of late due to the hour long episodes that seems to eat up much of my time thus making me unproductive throughout the day. So I mostly just opt to watch movies now on Netflix since it requires less time plus I can already see the end of the story come together in the middle or at around 30 minutes of watching the movie or so.

I digress, going back to this awesome Kdrama that I watched I few weeks back. I got hooked to it not only because of the hype and the soundtrack that comes along with it but also due to the valuable insights that can be gleaned from this drama. So here goes, some of my top things I learned from watching this series.

  1. Choose the right partners. Beyond capabilities, chemistry is important. Finding the right partners who can complement your weaknesses is another factor.  
  2. Always keep on learning, or have a growth mindset in place since we can always learn something from someone.
  3. Check the fine print, Always double check and review important and legally binding documents especially the fine print so that you do not compromise your company or your internal core values just to save face.
  4. Be Humble, If your start-up doesn’t pan out the way you imagined it to be, maybe some good things take time to materialize or you were not ready yet back then and still need to improve on a lot with regards to running a business. Don’t be scared to go back into the Corporate World and be an employee once again, who knows? This might just be the opportunity you need to renew your motivation and gusto into venturing full-on once again into entrepreneurship.

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