AVP Bloggers Event 2021

It’s been quite a while since I last attended a bloggers event and I must say that after a long hiatus and some inconsistencies on my end trying to go back to blogging, I finally came around this pandemic. Since I had some spare time on my hands, not driving to and from work and purely just working from home and with our reliable help at home to help me tend to my son. The situation, forced me to rethink what I really like doing aside from work and my other pressing priorities, which undoubtedly gave me one answer which was: WRITING and Blogging.

After work, I usually just key in my thoughts on my blog and then try to proofread it quickly and then when I deem it to be okay already, I just publish it or just schedule it for posting. I must say, that writing down my thoughts for the past few weeks calms me down and serves as my outlet in a way especially when things tend to go haywire at times.

That said, I am quite hyped and excited, as I got invited to attend an intimate bloggers event in a newly established hotel in the South. Credits goes to Anne Purification for coming up with this event.

So before I digress once again, I would 1st like to feature here some of the brands which made the event all the more meaningful and exciting. Not only will we get a taste/ feel/ experience their innovative products/ service offerings but we would also be able to share it with our friends and families since we get to take home some goodies after the event.

Here are some of those we would be expecting to try out tomorrow.

Sumuji Alabang Town Center, offers the best drinks and desserts topped with the freshest fruits! .Check out their IG here. Miracle Soybean Food, which focuses on purveying tasty yet nutritious beverage solutions to the public shall also be joining in as one of the event sponsors.

Since last Christmas, we were in Baguio, one of the things that I wished we could have passed by was Visco’s since I heard a lot of good reviews about their best-selling strawberry shortcake. Good thing, Baguio Bakes, would also be there to let us taste Visco’s best selling cakes and pastries.

For others looking for something decadent and appetizing to bring home to your families whenever you go on a trip out of town Aling Nene’s Sweets and Pasalubong is the perfect stop over as they have almost all the goodies that you can think of, but their flagship product is the Crispy Okoy. Expect an endless crunch at every bite! It has just the right saltiness and made from the finest ingredients.

The party ain’t over yet with the participation of other new entrants in the food marketplace. I have listed down some of these new products which might interest you 🙂

Celebrate life and order your favorite #bakedsushi this #holiday season. @obunph Send #Obunph a DM now! Check their Half&half, regular size spicy Salmon Aburi, party size Tuna and Salmon Aburi 🍣

A lot of mom and pop milktea and coffee shops have also popped into the metro as of late. Not only was it a hit due to its affordable price point but also it offers something different to our palate. For those looking to increase their income streams this year, SunnyBear MilkTea, Is a milktea joint looking for active franchisees for just P30,000, you already get the whole package from their materials to their Marketing support and a VA to help out with your inquiries. How cool is that right?

The pandemic may have halted our plans but we can always find a way to work around it and still make our celebrations intimate and more personal. Check out MsCakes on Facebook for all their customized sweet treats which will surely make your celebrations more noteworthy.

Another boutique pastry shop who decided to join in on the fun was Sweet Bites, wherein they also offer sweet and personalized cakes for your milestones and intimate celebrations.

Sweet Bites By Ishin is knocking at your doors pleasingly offering customized cakes, cupcakes, crinkles, brownies, etc. Check their thousand of photos on their socials showcasing different themed cakes. It is not only beautiful but oh-so-good! Located in Parañaque

Of course, no good party can last without good drinks in tow, Sinalco drinks offers their sodas but with a more healthier twist to it.

Sinalco is bringing the fun in every occasion! Dubbed as the oldest soft drink in Europe, Sinalco can now be enjoyed by more and more Filipinos through their goal of increasing its presence in the Philippine Market. Sinalco is the perfect drink for the Filipino taste as they introduce a more refreshing, fruity and healthier option.

To those who know me well, they know of my innate love for mushrooms, steak and coffee. That’s why I was ecstatic that ManobyMeg, came in to join the party with their rich and plated Spanish dishes which would surely whet your appetite.

Braised for hours until fork tender then mixed with a savory and creamy mushroom sauce, this Lengua Champignon will take you back to those classic memories! What better way to reminisce great experiences through food 💚

Just writing about these various food joints and beauty brands makes me wish that the hours would just clock by so we can look forward to tomorrow’s fun filled day full of fun and games. Will be posting another full review on these once I get a taste of everything, but first, will just have to contend with doing IF so that my appetite would be ready for tomorrow’s dinner fare.


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