When your baby loves your Nanny more than you.

Have you ever experienced this heart-wrenching feeling that arises when your child is sleepy, hurt, or hungry, and they cry for the babysitter to comfort them rather than you?

As working Moms who aside from having a full-time job and hustles also in between to append her income, this might pose as a challenge sometimes for us. As of now, Kaeden sleeps in with his nanny in his room since I get up really early at around 3:30am every day to prepare for my work which is at 4am Manila time and also the room space isn’t really that big to accommodate his crib in our room since we are just renting out a condo space so it’s dimensions, fixtures and furniture are already fixed and there’s not much you can do with the current space so I just have to make do of spending as much time as I can with him once I finish all my listed tasks for the day.

Last December 2020, wherein we went to Baguio Country Club to check-in and spend the Holidays over by sleeping in and just eating good food with this cutie.

Try one of the following suggestions to help work things out between you and your child.

  1. Be Thankful, to be honest,I am quite thankful that I got the help to alleviate most of the household/ babysitting tasks for me. I grew up watching my Mom work most of the time and we were left with my grandmother to tend to us. During my childhood days, I wasn’t really keen on focusing on developing my housemaker or mommy skills since I didn’t really see myself as a future house manager or mom. But I guess fate has a way of working itself out for the better and everyone needs to learn a thing or two sometimes. So with that said, I am very thankful to our help for helping me around the house and in tending to my LO. She makes things easier for us since at 11 months old, he is all over the place most days, crawling or cruising here and there so someone really has to keep watch of his every move 24/7 to avoid accidents or injuries.
  2. Spend Quality Time, Since we are both working professionals, me and KD try to squeeze in as much time as we can with Kaeden whenever we don’t have prior commitments. Whenever his work shift finishes and comes home, the first thing KD does aside from of course disinfecting himself and putting away his mask and face shield is to play with Kaeden and ensure that he shows him how much he cares.
  3. Don’t be bitter, be better, First, you need to spend time analyzing the relationship between your babysitter and your child. Your babysitter knows the routines and how to soothe your child. Spend some time with both of them so you can see how signals are sent for being tired, hungry, or bored. Set aside any feelings of guilt or jealousy you may have and just focus on the present moment. Learn everything you can from your babysitter about your child’s needs when you’re not around. Try not to step on your babysitter’s toes and undermine their expertise. Create a low-stress environment so that your child enjoys spending time with both of you.
  4. Have Faith, not everything comes easily overnight. Learn to take your time and just relax and work on being a better Mom by letting things take their natural course, spending as much time as you can with your LO,and showing them that you are and will be always there for them in their corner through hell or high water.

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