Top Things I Learned from Kdrama Itaewon Class

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget American-made TV series such as Stranger Things and the likes of it but thanks to its ever-growing clout especially in the International audience, we’re starting to see more and more diversity among Netflix’s content offerings.

Kdramas have been quite popular in the site as of late, garnering top rankings for many months now. What makes it so popular amongst fans is not only the gorgeous actors with impeccable skin that we see on set but also the seamless weaving of the whole plot and how everything eventually comes together beautifully in the end.

That said, I know that I am pretty much late in the game but hey, everyone has his or her own timeline right? So, I got started with this Kdrama a few nights back called Itaewon Class.

Here’s a quick briefer on the storyline.

Source: The Fan Girl Verdict

The central narrative is a revenge plot revolving around Park Saeroyi, a proud and dignified young man sporting a bowl haircut throughtout the series. His singular goal is to avenge his father’s death by going on head to head with Korean’s Top Food Business Jangga Corporation, who’s owners are the men behind his years of pain and suffering. He starts this off by opening up a small scale pub in Itaewon called DanBam which means “Sweet Night”, later on in the series our protagonist will explain the meaning behind this name, since he had quite a bitter life from the get-go and the only person who had his back, his Dad was killed and his death was not given the justice it was due.

The various interweaving plots involve his crew, each carrying behind a backstory which explains their behavior throughout the show. This show clearly tackles various issues which have long been talked about and are still sometimes prevalent in today’s society. Issues like racism, prejudice against the 3rd gender, how people view relationships with a wide age gap and how your life changes when you make a single decision to stand firm with your goals despite all the hurdles that life may throw at you.

Saeroyi, played by Park Seo-joon represents a boss who doesn’t discriminate, treats his workers fairly, and values relationships over money. The unpredictable plot twists and the evil machinations that the father and son duo behind Jangga Corp that seems to create makes this story all the more satisfying to watch. I stayed up glued to my screen for the past 3 nights just to finish this series.

Some of my key takeaways from this are the following:

  1. People over profits, Throughout the whole storyline Saeroyi, over and over again chose to invest in his people despite not making enough profit for his struggling business. In the end, this proved to be beneficial since he did not only gain the loyalty and respect from his crew but they all emulated his vision which made IC Corp, the powerhouse it soon became.
  2. Just keep pushing, from a highschool dropout with the odds all stacked against him. Saeroyi, seems to get back up again after every curveball that life throws his way. Even after he got incarcerated, worked in various odd jobs just to get by, getting his store operations banned for allowing minors to drink in his pub and from being thrown out of the building they were leasing when the antagonist decided to buy out the building they were currently renting during that time. In the end, he gets his goal of getting back at them but still keeping his values intact.
  3. Karma has a way of getting back at you, despite the power and the money that the father- son duo of Jangga Corp seems to posses in the end, it did nothing for them as they were served their dues.


  1. Marjorie G. says:

    I loved this series sis, I loved everything about it except the very forced love story from the two leads who had a chemistry of a tree lol. But everything else is good and I definitely appreciate the diversity in the casting, which up to this day is not very common in Korean dramas. So this was such a refreshing watch for me. Also I am a fan of Park Seo-joon so I might be bias haha…

    1. Going So Lou says:

      Awww! Thanks for the comment Sis! I loved watching this series also ang cute ni PSJ! Haha so okay lang mapuyat ❤ haha. But really, I love the storyline of this drama. Talks about grit, perseverance and going after your goals to achieve your best life! 🙂 Very inspiring!

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