Healthy Drinks that You Need to Follow RN

I have been running around like a headless chicken the past few days trying maintain my train of thoughts when drafting my next slew of blog posts but before I venture of again into another write-up, let me first give a refresher of what happened last week at the Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay.

Since events are hard to come by nowadays due to the pandemic and the social distancing restrictions that comes along with it, it was really nice that Anne from Anvassadress, came up with this intimate gathering of content creators to bond, share stories and catch up with each others lives. As a way of making this event fun and engaging for everyone, she pitched to various established and up and coming brands to share with us some of their top selling products so that we can also check it out and review it in our own sites/ socials. For the pre-event post, you can check it out here.

Some of these, I have already posted in my Page’s Facebook/ IG Stories like for Baguio Bakes, the purveyor of top rating Visco’s Delicacies, they deliver it right to your doorstep! Talk about convenience!

So before I digress once again, let’s first recap what transpired last Saturday. I came in at around 4pm and to my surprise some bloggers, writers and content creators were already there early at the venue. Since I took quite a break from blogging, most of them already knew each other and were already catching up with the latest on each other’s lives. The others meanwhile, were busy checking out the food spread out in the dining, curious with these new brands and how they would taste.

Among those beverages present during the event was this naturally sweetened 100% green tea from Lick Iced Tea. What makes this drink cut out above your usual iced tea is that is all natural with just a hint of stevia leaf extract, it has no preservatives and artificial colors perfect for those health conscious people! preservatives, no artificial colors. Plus its quite affordable too, for just P99.00, you get your choice from their current selection such as:

  • Raspberry
  • Giant Apple Tea
  • Southern Sweet Peach
  • Sakura Blossom
  • HuckleBerry
  • Sicilian Lemon

Aside from their healthy tea options, they also have a wide selection of fresh meats which are vegan made. You can check them out here or order via the Foodgenics page.

Another drink that I have recently tried is the one from Greenlab Juice, a Healthy Smoothie Bar. The story behind this brand stemmed from when the owner was trying to make a healthy drink for his family, he then decided to post it online to see if it would click with the market and to his surprise, a lot of people actually were interested in purchasing it. Hence, his advocacy of providing healthy alternatives to our everyday meals continued on with GreenLab Juice.

They mainly sell cold-pressed vegetables and fruit juices to supplement diet, boost immunity and cleanse or detox. All ingredients are pure & raw, fresh and all natural .It is available in individual bottles and 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day set packages.

I personally love their Beetroot drink, not only was it flavorful to my palate but it was very healthy as well. Did you know that Beetroot is a great source of fiber, folate, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and manganese? It helps in improving blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Aside from beetroot, this drink includes apple and carrots too which is definitely full of health benefits! I am currently slowly weaning myself from my caffeine addiction, having just 1 glass per day of coffee when I would usually consume and gulp down around 4-5 glasses per day. What an improvement right?

But for this year, I want to challenge myself and do something I have never done before which is to try a juice cleanse, meaning nothing would be consumed except for the juices. I hope I can sustain it! But, hey nothing worth it ever comes easy right? Catch it soon on my Ig Stories. 🙂

So going back to the event, aside from tasting the delicious spread on the table, we also had some games. Of course, what event would be fun without any games right? Since I wasn’t really keen on joining in the games, good thing there was also a raffle in the middle of every game that Anne hosted which allowed all of us to check out the other product offerings on the table. Just Coco, was actually one of the brands that immediately caught my eye cause I really like the taste of fresh buko juice straight up from the shell of the coconut.

When I used to work in St. Lukes BGC back in the day, I used to always purchase the coconut water being sold in our cafeteria every other day. That’s how much I loved coconut water. Of course, nothing beats drinking coconut water from the shell, but when the juice is not available or the fruit is hard to handle, Just Coco is your next best alternative.

Just Coco offers the convenience to buko lovers. They take care of the “dirty work”- from choosing the best fruits from the harvest, to extracting and bottling the juice, then delivering them to homes and offices.

No sugar added, no preservatives, just the way Mother Nature intended it to be. To preserve all nutrients and goodness, they deliver it chilled for the most refreshingly delicious experience.

Here are a few tips on how you can full enjoy the drink:

  1. Keep bottle chilled or under ice. Do not freeze.
  2. Consume within 3-5 days from delivery.
  3. Take a sip before your workout to help boost performance.

Try it out too and let me know what you think. 🙂

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