Investments you should make in your 30’s

Ah, another year and another birthday coming right up my alley in a few months’ time. Gone were the days when you just used to party until the break of dawn, ask allowance from your parents since they will surely cover for you anyway right? And just have a great time being a kid. Welcome to your 30’s where a new chapter begins!

In our 20’s we would usually spend on shopping sprees and just head out with friends without a care in the world. Some would say, its true for them, for others not so much. Whatever your personal journey is, consider it unique since it all boils down to being you as a person.

That said, I have rounded up some top investments to make as we all enter a new age and year.

Investments you need to make in your 30’s for a happier and more fulfilled life.
  1. Invest in yourself, first on my list is of course investing in yourself. Take some courses related to your interests and always strive to be better as a person. Whether its taking up an online course via Coursera or enrolling in a Master’s Degree. Only you can decide what your future will hold. We cannot control the curveballs that life may throw our way but we can always chose to be better in reacting to these unexpected scenarios. By educating ourselves, we can make more informed and practical life choices and not be swayed by the impulsive spur of the moment decisions that might sometimes cost us a lot.
  2. Invest in your health, They say that true health is true wealth right? Well for me, that saying holds water to it. As we age, most of the nutrients, vitamins and collagen which make our skin firm, soft and supple can dwindle down causing our skin to sag and makes us more prone to diseases if we do not temper our diet and what we consume on a day to day basis. That said, we should all be mindful of the food choices that we make. I personally prefer buying more organic produce the past few days such as fruits, eggs, poultry and veggies. So far, we have had petchay and tofu, baguio beans with ginisa and my favorite chopsuey as our staple dinner fares. I have also been quite addicted to mixing my lemon water with chia seeds these days. Not only does it make my metabolism go a little faster but it also makes me feel fuller lessening my hunger pangs and cravings throughout the day. For those looking for healthy produce but who don’t have the convenience of heading to the marketplace since they live in an urban area like me, you might want to considering checking out Healthy Fresh Organics , an online grocery store for fresh and certified organic produce featuring fruits & veggies, poultry & eggs, meats, smoothies among others mainly sourced from certified organic farms in Benguet.

3. Invest in a good skincare routine, TBH, I never put much value in having a good skincare routine. Sometimes, I even forget to wash off my face after wearing make up the whole day. (I know it’s such a mortal sin). That is why, now I am more mindful with the products that I apply on my face on a daily basis. Since I am usually at home most days working or just playing with Kaeden, I rarely wear makeup these days just a little mascara and some lip tint goes a long way for me since my skin is pretty clear now due to my go to skin care set. I’m a pretty low maintenance girl when it comes to skincare so I just rinse with Urbanessence’s Tomato Soap , to give me that rosy complexion sans the cheek tint. After that I usually just don on their sunscreen and apply the pinkish glow cream to last me throughout the whole day. It’s non-sticky and I can barely feel that its there so that’s a plus for me.

4. Invest in your relationships, Your 30’s are the best time to cultivate and build on the strong friendships and relationships that came your way during your 20’s and your childhood years. Consistent effort and constantly showing the people around you that you care can go a long way. Trust me on this. Some of my former officemates and childhood friends back when I was in the grades are still good friends up to this day. Despite not seeing each other for quite some time now, we still keep in touch every once in a while via messenger calls or once a month meet-ups to catch up on things and just be there for each other. Hey, having a good support system isn’t that bad after all right? 🙂 Check out some of our family photos when we attended my cousin’s 30th birthday just last weekend.

What other tips or hacks do you have in mind? Share them with me in the comments section down below and let’s exchange ideas 🙂

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